• Pastor David J. Miner

YAHWEH (GOD) Defend The German Heroes

God defend the German heroes, heroes who the Jews defame, jailed today and smeared by scoundrels, men of honor, bless their names. Tho’ condemned by Jews and traitors, truth escapes their prison bars. Hess and Reder, and now Roeder shine in truth like sun and stars... German people, rise in anger, shout the truth in the streets and squares, write it on the walls of buildings; let the dogs and swine beware. Long have ye endured your slavery, freedom’s for the brave and bold; slavery is not made for Germans, rise as did your sires of old... German Nation never falter, as a nation ever shine. Better death before dishonor, don’t bow down to scum and swine. Stand behind your nation‘s heroes, stand like proud oaks in the gale. Dawn will ever follow darkness, and in time truth will prevail... God defend the German heroes; God defend them evermore brave men, loyal to their nation, inspire men beyond their shores. Men of bravery join the battle, march as one for what is right. Brave men on the march for justice will in time bring truth and light.


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