• Pastor David J. Miner

Will The World Ever Learn ?

While reading the article at the link provided here:


which is describing the now devoured substance and resources which have lead up to the unbearable conditions for the population of this once Jewel of the African continent known as Rhodesia and now called Zimbabwe, I am reminded of the greatness that is inherent in the genes of the Anglo-Saxon and the greed, envy and stupidity of those who refuse to accept things for what they are. And what they are is that as long as Whites rule and dominate any perspective society, and that societies status quo, that all who are citizens of that society regardless of race or class distinction are better off at the end of the day. And the evidence of this is that the agriculture minister warned that “two-thirds of Zimbabwe's provinces face severe food shortages, adding hunger to a potentially lethal cocktail of poverty and mounting political violence.”

If you read farther in the article you will find more evidence of some very hard to swallow (for some folks) truths such as this statement

“We do not want any excuses when people are starving," said Mr. Made, who has presided over the destruction of Zimbabwe's once-thriving agriculture sector following president Robert Mugabe's launch of white land seizures in 2000.”

If you read on you’ll see where the United Nations (who gets their funding predominately from White America) has appealed for $415 million to feed the Negros of Zimbabwe because as I said they were too greedy, stupid and envious of the Whites who were able to make their farms produce. Most people do not know that Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) was rescued from black barbarism by White pioneers and for 90 years there was progress and sound governance.

But it is too late for Rhodesia, or as some would call it Zimbabwe, because the world has destroyed Rhodesia and all the hope is gone. The productive White owned farms have been stolen and destroyed by a greedy ignorant people and now the bare minimum production from the nation’s agriculture now exists where once there were bountiful crops.  Zimbabwe holds out the begging hand and the same ignorant and gullible people are now asked to fill it that have always filled it and provided for the lazy and the greedy while the excuses just keep on coming, such as draught and lack of rain.  Notice the murdering thug Robert Mugabe who carries the title President blames his countries woes on the White man. The article states- Mr Mugabe, 87, now blames all food shortages on "illegal sanctions" imposed by Britain, the European Union and the US, although his deputy, Joyce Mujuru, last month slammed black farmers for turning seized white properties into "trophy" farms where no crops are grown.

Sometimes you just have to learn how to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Why is it that the Negro, who has been a citizen of this earth longer than the white man by some 400,000 years has never learned how to do that without the un-natural props supplied by the Aryan ? Where would the Negro in America be had his forefathers never been brought to American shores ? Holding out his hand in Zimbabwe, rather than holding out his hand in Detroit ?  Probably.

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

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