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Why Shall Ye Die, Oh Aryan Israel?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Today, less than ten percent of the earth's population is White. America is less than sixty percent White gentile. The U.N. predicts Whites will be only two percent of earth's population, and only twenty-five percent of America's population, by the year 2,000, just twenty years away.

There are over two dozen ALL Black nations, engaging in no integration, or the inevitable resultant miscegenation, which decrees the death of a Race. The population of one yellow country alone, China, is nearly four times all the Whites on the planet. They too are remaining Racially pure. There are no all White nations, at least in the Western world. We are the earth's most endangered species.

State and Nation

The Life of the Aryan Nation eternally depends upon the education of its youth. "Education" in the land of America since the Civil War period has turned solely around the inane word "democracy", and the Jewish view of death for the images of God. In this day indeed the traditional "patriotic" training is a total suppression of any latent Aryan inborn spirit and desire that relates to "nation" in the true meaning of the term. For the jewish view is predicated upon their deliberate attempt to usurp the Aryan crown of life and pose as the "Chosen Race" (Nation).

In this self appointed State they seek to change the time and creative life law, to obliterate and crush the Aryan Race as mere cattle, to be bred and cross bred to serve as slaves to their hybrid bastard specie that they may be "Kings".

The driving force behind this anti-Christ quest is as Isaiah revealed: "For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend unto Heaven. I will exault my throne above the stars of God: (Aryan Israel) I will ascend above the Heights of the clouds; I will be LIKE the Most High." (i.e., Images of God).

The fault of course lies in us as a racial nation for we, who alone have access to ALL POWER, have allowed a counterfeit hybrid specie called jews, to palm themselves off as teachers and prophets, teaching and perverting our youth to practice "the fine arts of" fornication and debasement, partaking of sacrifices to the Baal Idols (of integration-mongrelization), as the Apostle John recorded.

Today the purpose of education from the standpoint of our Nation and our nation's relation to the purpose of our Father and God, is totally obliterated by the present ruling jewish Mammon which passes itself off as the "State". This is done much the same way as the so-called "national money" called "Federal Reserve Notes," are passed off and accepted as real money; but which in truth are only counterfeit paper of less than no value (being only evidences of debt) and which is infact the supreme "con", the all time great "pidgeon drop caper" of the con artists parlance, in which the victims are robbed due to their own complicity. Our Nations' people have been seduced by the whore as the Apostle John states, to believe that the only purpose of "education" is to make the youth a "useful member of human society." By this we are supposed to understand that he is only to be fitted to earn his daily bread in a decent manner. No one ever asks the question, is the earning of his daily bread done in the service of jew Mammon or in the service of Jesus Christ?

If possible more true this day then when written some 65 years ago "The epidemic of the present lack of will power and determination is, taken in all, mainly the result of our fundamentally faulty education of youth, the devastating effect of which extends into the future life, and which finds its final conclusion and its ultimate crown in the lack of civil courage of the leading "Statesmen".

"In the same line fails also the current prevailing cowardice with regard to responsibility. Here too the fault lies in the education of youth, which permeates the entire public life and finds its immortal completion in the parliamentary institutions of Government."

Paul remarked that: "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a MAN, I put away childish things ...." The Greek word used for child in this case (Nepios) means a simple-minded immature man or Christian. (I Cor. 13:11).

The night is far spent for now is the time for true Aryan racial patriots to "put away childish things", such as constantly parroting jewish thoughts, slogans, and knee-jerk responses to racial truth, and to think, act, and look like the MEN that God and His natural order intend us to be.

The jews state in Protocol No. 2, Aryans "are not, guided by practical use of unprejudiced historical observation." Why? The jew answers, "The intellectuals of the goyim will puff themselves up with 'their' knowledge and WITHOUT any logical verification will put into effect all the information which OUR agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we (jews) want."

Many believe that what is called the "Identity" movement in its various forms of doctrine is the final answer, i.e., the IDENTIFICATION of the true racial household to whom the word of God was given. However, many of these drift off into an airy-fairy world of "spiritualization," saying in effect, "Isn't this great? Now that I have found out who I am, now God is going to SAVE ME!"

Small groups gather, relating to each other the wonders and joys of what God is going to do for them who know their Identity. The question must be asked, Do the historical records in Kings and Chronicles relate that the tribes of Israel went into captivity BECAUSE THEY DID NOT KNOW THEIR IDENTITY? Or was it due to the direct, willful violation of the natural law order from kings and priests down through the working masses. (Jer. 11:10). Yes, they kept the rituals of worship alright, right up till they were led away in chains, proving that rituals and vain repetitious prayers could not and will not save even an elect people who violate the natural life law order (or Covenant).

By the use of the trigger word "freedom" the Jew has implanted or, more accurately, permeated the very core of our beings that we should "fight against every kind of authority, EVEN against God and the laws of nature." (Protocol No. 3).

The proof of the effectiveness of their "religious" incantations was World War II, in which the majority of our racial household was seduced into believing that any minority remnant of our household that sought to establish the authority of God's natural Law was evil. German Kindred, a people who wanted and did return to the natural life Law (actually a return to the Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments of Moses) was perceived a THREAT to most of the rest of our race's "freedom" to engage in jewish luxuries such as adulteration of our children's blood, integrated education, and debt.

Therefore, we a remnant, fight to preserve that which our Father has wrought, with the vision of total victory before us. Our faith is complete in His word that this victory shall not be denied and that the land shall be cleanied!

Only the insipidity of a jewized mind can conceive of the middle road as the way to heaven. (Rev. 3:15). A people who renounce the preservation of their racial purity renounce also the unity of their soul in all its expressions." The torn condition of their nature is the natural, necessary consequence of the torn condition of their intellect, and the change in their spiritual and creative force is only the effect of the change in their veiw of their racial foundations.

Therefore he who would fight to redeem the Aryan Race from the depravity and vices which are alien, their original nature will have to first fight to redeem them from worshiping the alien originators of the depravities that our race now practices.

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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