• Pastor David J. Miner

Who’s to Blame?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

For over a year on the net I’ve been reading the many and varied articles regarding the White Aryan fate in the present Jew world order. The following points come to mind that I believe have been overlooked.

1) One of the best trained, equipped and motivated armies ever to march, defending the life, liberty and purpose of all of Our Race was defeated after six years of war. Why?

2) Why? The answer in my mind lies with us, even though most will place the blame on the communist Jew!

3) Have we forgotten that all power lies within our Race! Have we forgotten everything that the Jew uses to enslave us to his will, came out of our Race?

4) The book called the Bible tells us who we are and who the enemies of God are. Does anyone ever wonder why the Kikes took over all theological seminars back in the 20s and 30s? “AS A MAN THINKS IN HIS HEART SO IS HE” ah hah! The Kike knows the answer, Stop the Aryan thinking as Gods and seduce them into thinking like the under-men, which in most part has been accomplished. (As in Eve’s beguiling)

5) There is an answer that provides INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF that the Bible’s message is only for the White “Aryan” Race-period! No other people have any part in it other than their opposition to the sons of God! The blueprint of sure victory is there-for YOU Aryan man... if you want it!!

6) No 501-C3 Preacher, Priest, or Professor can gainsay it’s message.


-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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