• Pastor David J. Miner

When the Saxon Began To Hate: An Appeal on Behalf of the South Africa Project

Let us not let the fire go out in our hearts when it comes to battling the foes of our Holy Race. If you have gotten on board with this South Africa Project with the idea in mind that this is just another war of words on the internet, then you had better either get it in your head that it is not, or part company with us now. Because we are not planning to just sit and type out benign words on our keyboards. What we are planning is to take this to the streets once we have had ample time to organize. To organize as large a number of people as we possibly can, in as many states as we can and in as many countries as we can.

This is where the rubber meets the road kinsman. Yes we are losing ground politically in all White nations around the world. Yes there are crimes being committed against our kinsman by non-whites in all the White nations around the world. But the Negro in South Africa is actually butchering our kinsman there on a grand scale. The statistics say that 90 White South African Boers are murdered every day at the hands of Negro thugs from the Black African National Congress. Not just murdered but raped, tortured, skinned, burned, body parts chopped off while the victims are still alive. The latest story I heard were two women who were gang raped and their breasts cut off while they were still alive. These God damn Blacks of the ANC in South Africa are nothing but murdering devils.

However; let us not forget,  they are not so different from our own domestic Negros we have here in America or in White nations around the world. It is just that they stay more pacified within our borders because they have everything handed to them. But wait until the day that the welfare system goes belly up. Wait until the day when the worlds Jewish controlled economy is stripped to the bone by the international bankers. Wait until the day that the Negro takes to the streets in order to take his sustenance from the mouths of your children. Then we will see the same sort of barbaric acts from them here then also.  Not like we don't already see it to some degree anyway. We alll know what the Negro is really capable of. If you pay attention you see it everyday in your news papers, on your news channel and hear it on your radios.

It is time to stop just saying the 14 words and time to start living them. They are words of action! Not just something you say because it sounds cool. It’s only cool if you live it, and living it calls for action!  It is all about the hate. You must stir that hatred up in your hearts until it is so hot it burns! You must keep that hatred burning WHITE HOT until we can organize to the point where we are ready to take to the streets and raise a massive shout to the heavens as if to call down all the power of the Gods to stop this madness that the Jew has incited the Negro to commit against our people. Yes and I mean every word that I say. It is well past time to live eat and breath, hatred.  God damn the Negro scum that are murdering, raping, torturing and butchering our people in South Africa. God damn the filthy Jew that incites these acts from the ignorant impressionable minds of these black beasts. I hate them with every fiber of my being and my prayer for you kinsman is that you hate them as much if not more than that, because we must rise up and demand that these atrocities and this barbarism committed against our South African Brothers and Sisters come to an immediate stop!

They act like they wonder why White men put bombs on the routes of Martin Luther King Day parades. They act like they wonder why White men leave Ryder trucks filled with fuel oil and fertilizer in front of office buildings, left only to ignite for the sole purpose of killing. Too leave a dark dark impression on the populace of our nation. To leave a deep stained scar on the minds of our nations children. But even though they did not set the bomb they lit the fuse, just as sure as there is a God in Heaven and a Devil reigning in Hell. The powers that incite these Negro beasts to kill, rape, torture and murder our people are the ones resonsible for the bombs, the blood and the scars left on our society from men who are fed up. Because these devils commt these acts of barbarism themselves as though they set the bomb and lit the fuse, while calling the shots from their towers of hate. And oh yes they hate you my brothers and sisters, they hate with a deadly hatred. They have a deep deep hatred for Aryan man. They have a deep dark hatred for our Holy Race. Why else would they not allow the media that they so skillfully control to report to the world the GENOCIDE that is taking place in South Africa against our White Brethren ?  Why else would they keep 90 bloody murders a day a secret. Why else would they keep seventeen years of systematic murder against our people such a well kept secret ? It is time to shine a light in a dark dark corner kinsman. It is time to live the Fideltiy that says " that for which we fight is to safeguard the existance of our race, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood" The operative word there is FIGHT ! Time to fight for our lives. Our time draws very short.

They act like they wonder why White men form Military styled Militias to train and practice the art of killing. I can answer that question Kinsman. Because White men are sick and tired of the emphasis being placed on the rights of the Negro and the benefits of the Mexican. Because they are sick and tired of the sustenance of their children, the welfare of their children and the safety of their children being sacrificed on the altar of Diversity. Because they are sick and tired of their jobs being taken from them and sent overseas to third world countries so that the pirates who control big business can profit on the empty bellies of their children. They are sick and tired of the federal governments of the White Nations of the world not doing a damn thing to stop the massive influx of non-White illegal aliens, who come here and take jobs and eat up the sustenance from social welfare programs that they have not contributed one dime to.

These are the reasons why on that day, that the Saxon began to hate.  And it is about time !

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

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