• Pastor David J. Miner

We Don’t Care About “White Rights”-We Want WHITE POWER!

You know I hear so many of our people whining and crying about White rights. Why do the blacks have this holiday and why do the Mexican-Mestizos have that holiday, why can’t the Whites have their own White History Month? The blacks have their history month so why can’t we?

This reminds me of some little kids telling their mothers on each other. Momma, Johnny has a cookie why can’t I have a cookie too? The Negros have Black History Month why can’t we have one too? This is one of the biggest problems I feel we have. Why in the world do we want to be vying for equal rights with the Blacks and the Hispanics? We’re not equal to them, or should I say they’re not equal to us. Never have been and never will be.

The Negro or the Mexican-Mestizo have never brought anything to the table in achievement that remotely resembles any of the greatness that has been spawned from the genius of the Aryan mind. Never!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everything that has ever been placed upon the face of the earth that has enhanced the living standards of mankind to a significant degree has been placed here by a member of the Aryan race. That’s not hatred that just happens to be a fact. And if that’s hatred and considered hate speech by the PC crowd, well then so be it, I guess I’m just a hater.

If it’s hatred to want to see white children grow up in a clean, safe, healthy environment so that they can grow up healthy, happy and safe from harm from some spook or queer. Then I’m a hater. If it is hatred for me to want to live in a community where my tax dollars don’t go to support a housing project full of lazy, thieving degenerate blacks, then I’m a hater. If it is hatred for me to want to live in an environment where White women can move around safely without their husbands, fathers or brothers having to worry whether some creep is going to kidnap, rob or rape them, then so be it, I’m a hater.

And I’ll be kicked in the teeth before I join any political party or movement, (or suggest that you do) that is weak enough to contend in a political arena for equal rights for Whites with the Blacks, Mexicans, Jews and Queers. We are not equal ! So why would I grovel, at the altar of multiculturalism and diversity for the opportunity to be equal to a filthy Jew, a Mexican or a Negro?

Now I know some weak minded person reading this is going to suggest “well we gotta start somewhere.“ We did start somewhere. We started at the top! Now look at where we’re at. Do you think we got where we're at today by trying to be equal to the Negro? Yes! You are exactly right. We've gotten where we’re at today, because our people have bought into the lie that we’re all the same, that race is only skin deep, we’re all God’s children, and we are equal to the Blacks and the Mexicans. Our people have bought into the Jewish invented fable, that we’re all the same.

The other side of that coin is, that our people have always risen to the top only when they have realized that they are conquerors’ and that the world is ours. That only the strong survive and to the victor go the spoil. It is only by White Power have we been victorious over the elements. It is only by White Power have we conquered worlds. It is only by White Power that our forefathers sailed across that ocean and came to American shores and took this land away from the heathen inhabitants and ripped up from the ground her precious elements and built this great and mighty nation into the empire that it is. And it is only because we have relinquished that power to the beast of the field that we find ourselves in this political and racial quagmire we’re captive to today.

It is only by White power that Aryan genius is able to look into the earth and see in the elements there, and vision the ability to transform those elements into skyscrapers, televisions, computers, airplanes, space shuttles, automobiles, aircraft carriers and all of the wonderful things that make this world what it is.

And it is not by groveling and begging in a political system that we have allowed to be ripped from our grasp that we were able to achieve all of the greatness that is of the Aryan. NO! It is only by taking! Taking what is rightfully ours. It is ony by taking that we have been able to give to all of mankind all of the genius of our intellect that has conquered the seas, the skies and the elements and provided for the peoples of the world all of the technological advancements that has made everyone’s lives better. By taking command in this dark and dismal world have we been able to do the things we've done and accomplish the things we’ve accomplished.

When YaHWeH created father Adam the Aryan, He gave him a mandate. He told him to have dominion and to subdue the earth and that every creature and every element he was to exercise his will over. And in order to subdue something and bring it under your dominion you have to rise above it, get up on top of it and conquer it. Put your foot on its neck and give the command of tribute and subjection. That’s how it’s been done in the past and that is how it will be done in the future. Not by contending for equal rights. As a race we've never been that weak!

So, I said all of that to say this.

We are the Aryan Nations. We are a racist organization. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT “WHITE RIGHTS” - WE WANT WHITE POWER!

And we make no bones about that. If this sounds like a position you can get on board with, then give me a call, send me an email or write me a letter. I'll be happy to speak with you about membership in the most feared and revered, White Supremacist, Christian organization the world has ever known. Won't you join us?

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

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