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Wag The Dog

Greetings Kindred,

It is indeed good to be back among you. I thought I'd share these thoughts with you that I had back in November of 2008. I  wrote this article just four days after the Presidential election in 2008 with a stub of a pencil while I was in solitary confinement at the federal prison in Marianna Florida. As you can see, I titled it "Wag the Dog". It begins -

After a long drawn out campaign, that for the democrats started 2 years before the actual election, cost millions upon millions of dollars, pandering to the wants and needs of blacks, Hispanics, America's workers, women, students and yes even Israelis. All of this paid off big time for President elect Barack Obama. It didn't matter that he was a left wing socialist and in his agenda it was shown to include a "Redistribution Of Wealth" that is ; taking from those who have and, give to those who have not.

In other words take from the whites and give to the non-whites. Such as was done in Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe and was also done in the Nation of South Africa. The only difference here in America will be, that it will not be completed quite so violently as in the affore mentioned countries. Unless of course it is absolutely necessary. But most likely it will not be that necessary because thus-far white Americans have been perfectly willing to simply hand over access to our nations wealth to those who have contributed very little if anything over the years to the extracting of that wealth from the earth. To say nothing of the mental ability it takes to devise the technological advancements needed to glean from the earth her precious commodities.

Allow me at this time to point out that while whites ruled in South Africa and Rhodesia, both nations were highly productive jewels of the African continent. But once the white ruling class there bent to political pressure from the United Nations and permitted the negro a vote in the electoral processes of the two neighboring countries. Whites being outnumbered by the blacks eleven to one, naturally the negro gained control of the nations political system. And along with that came control of its police and military forces.

When that took place the white farmers who produced so much of those nations wealth were systematically murdered, their wives and daughters raped and black control of those two nations farming industries, the ultimate effect. And as a direct result of black control, the Negros of South Africa and Zimbabwe are starving and are now being fed by white Americans who provide the majority of the financial ability of the United Nations. That is correct, just two weeks prior to our Presidential election it was announced on National Public Radio that the United Nations was being petitioned for a 140 Billion Dollars to feed the Negros of Zimbabwe.

The United States for years has been sending food supplies to South Africa to feed their Negros. So we can take a look at these two examples of blacks ruling over an Aryan Society and the socialist agenda that is being carefully implemented here in the United States, with government control of farming and industry.

The recent banking and housing crisis, the collapse of the stock market and the U.S. tax payer funded 700 billion dollar bailout and other industrial bailouts in the making. Not to mention our continued unguarded Mexican border that attributes to the flow of millions of illegal non white aliens into our nations heartland. Then there is our Nations continued involvement in foreign affairs, namely the Middle East, our close ties to the terrorist state of Israel, not to mention our continuing and rapidly growing trillion dollar debt to communist China. We can see the direction this nation is rapidly taking and its direction is downward.

Now make no mistake about it, Barack Obama will go down in history as one of our nations most successful presidents. The powers that be, The Jews who control international finance and the Zionists who control our nationís governmental bodies will not allow President Obama to fail. That would put too much of a wrinkle in the false notions of the equality and the idea that "diversity" is our: greatest strength, as the saying goes.

Oh no, our countries first black president cannot be anything but a shining glowing example of success. That is, as long as he continues to do the bidding of the Jews. As long as he holds true to form and continues the policies of multiculturalism, diversity, equality and the ongoing Machinations already working in U.S. foreign policy such as our unending, blind support for whatever Israel wants to do to its enemies in the Middle East. Then Barack Obama will be assured, great success. However; If he falters on the deal, and does not do just as his handlers say, then he will be eliminated. Another boogieman will be fabricated just like James Earl Ray was. An "evil white man" will suddenly appear on the scene and take care of the problem.

But make no mistake about it, Barack Obama just several months prior to the election made certain that he traveled to the Nation of Israel, fashioned himself, arrayed in a Jewish Yarmulke and paid homage to his Jewish masters by participating in the ritual bobbing of the head at the wall of wailing in Jerusalem He made certain that the Jews knew that he understood just where his power was to come from. Without this posturing assurance, Barack Obama would have never been voted in as President. And unless he continues throughout his Presidency, he will not make a second term and if his insolence is bad enough, then he'll be eliminated. But no matter what, his Presidency will be made to shine and he will become a hero for the continued Hoax of equality.

So in light of the latest turn of events, and the continuing downward spiral of America, a once great white Christian nation, we have only our collective selves to blame. Had we adhered to the Christian Law, the law of Moses, written by the hand of God on Mount Sinai, and not permitted the stranger to dwell among us, mixing and mingling, marrying our Sons and Daughters, allowing them to give birth to Mongrel offspring such as our current President Elect. Then we would not be suffering the retribution of the Fathers hot anger. Our Nations economy would not be in such peril. There would be plenty of opportunity for working Americans. Our educational system would not be at an all time low, the worst it has ever been. Our wives, sisters, mothers, Sons & daughters would be safe to come and go as they please. Our borders would not be over run with millions of illegal aliens eating up our nationís sustenance and wreaking havoc upon the American populace.

Were this country still ruled by God Fearing Christian Men and not the likes of selfish, greedy men like George W. Bush, who set the stage for the social democrat Barack Obama to seize the presidency. Because face it, after eight years of faulty management and lies Barack Obama looked pretty good, to the unaware. But I digress, I was saying that were this nation still ruled by God fearing Christian men, then our nations resources would not go to feed third world aliens who hate the mention of the name America. We would not be funding wars for that Anti-Christian nation in Palestine we know of by the false title of Israel. No real Christian would pay homage to the Jew by putting on that little prayer cap and bobbing at that wall in Jerusalem. The Jew is anti-Christ. How can a Christian pay homage to the anti-Christ? Or better question still, why would he?

Our people, and I mean white people, must learn the roots of their true identity. The white nations of the world are the real descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel, referred to in the New testament scriptures as "the lost sheep of the house of Israel", who all eventually embraced Christianity, calling themselves by a new name, Christian. So therefore the title of "Christian" only fits an Israelite and only a racially pure white man was permitted citizenship within the congregation of Israel.

So Barack Obama claiming to be a Christian is equal to me claiming to be a Neurologist. I haven't the credentials to carry that title, just as Barack Obama being a mongrel hasn't the credentials to rightfully carry the title of Christian. Barack Obama is essentially an Arab. Since the word "Arab" is a Hebrew word meaning , To grow dark, to grow dusky, to mix, to mingle, a mixed multitude, a mongrel race. And furthermore since today's modern day so called Jews are in reality the racial lineage of Esau, Jacob-Israelís twin brother who despised his birthright and took his wives from among the Daughters of Canaan, mongrelized his blood lineage and became the father of the Edomite nation whom God said he hated. And they returned the hatred, murdered his only begotten son, hanging him on the cross.

So in effect these we know of today as Jews, just like Barack Obama are in fact Arabs, just as much as any Arab in the middle east who bows to Allah and follows the teachings of the Koran and calls himself a Muslim. A mongrel is simply a mongrel and are cast off from being one permitted in the congregation of YAHWEH.

This is why it is the Edomite Jews who are behind this drive to diversify and create multiculturalism, because they are a diversified race. And racial purity was a commandment to be honored and kept among Israel. Barack Obama is an Arab-mixed breed mongrel so it makes sense in this world that he would also proliferate the ancient Babylonian custom of diversity and multiculturalism. The Jews have been carrying forth this doctrine since the days their Father Esau took his wives from among the Canaanites. This is Esau's plan for reclaiming his birthright. To diversify true Israel and breed out of existence and into being a mongrelized society of Arab, Jewish, Canaanite, Edomite, mongrels.

Our people must get back to the scriptures starting with the book of Genesis to discover all of the things I've mentioned and to learn their true Identity as Sons and daughters of YAHWEH. And in effect identifying the adversaries of our Holy Race. The scripture tells us to let your yay mean yay and your nay mean nay. It says that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. It says that light cannot have fellowship with darkness. The word of God says we are to be a separate people unto YAHWEH, a Holy Nation dedicated to him and him alone.

He tells us not to be in league with the Anti-Christ and yet we prop up the Anti-Christ at every turn, this is why our Nation has been made to suffer. Because of disobedience to God and the alliance that we have with the anti-Christian state of Israel and the purveyors of diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance and filth. The condition of our nations leaders, their political maneuvering with our economy and the job market, an out of control legal system that continues to let those in positions of power and wealth free from the laws the rest of us are persecuted by. This is what we get for our insolence and disobedience.

No matter what strides Barack Obama makes during his term as President it is not a blessing to you White man for this President Elect to bear rule over you. It is a curse, the result of transgression according to the scripture. The Book of Deuteronomy in Chapter 28, Verses 43 & 44 states that "The stranger that you have permitted to remain among you will get up above you very high and you will come down very low. He will become the head and you will become the tail."

Well, I ask you; "Can the tail wag the dog?Ē We had better hope so, because we must shake this dog from this seat of power, and then drive the rest of the dogs from our midst, for the establishing of the Kingdom Of Heaven. The scripture says to not give that which is Holy unto the dogs. And here we have handed the highest seat of power in our Nation and possibly the world over to one of those very dogs Christ warned us about.

His word says "Be Ye separate, come out from among them and touch not the unclean".. But here in America we allow our children to wallow in it. If you don't understand, just observe the filth your children watch on television some time.

God Help Us. We must Hail the Victory of Christ Our King!

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

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