• Pastor David J. Miner

The War Eagle: True Unity = Path to Victory! Division = Road to Defeat!

Updated: Jan 28

It seems like today as times are worsening, that the movement is becoming increasingly more divided. Our people pulled together. For years, people in our movement have spoken the words, “White Power“, “White Pride”, “White Unity”. If you are truly proud, white, and have a clear and intelligent understanding how “White Power“ can be achieved, then you know it is only possible by standing united. How is this possible? It starts with each one of us. It starts by putting petty differences aside. It doesn’t matter at this point what our ideologies are. Whether we are National Socialist or Christian identity. None of us have the power to affect any significant change at this moment. We all have white skin, blueblood, yet are all the Aryan Race paradoxically mired in utter decay and extinction.

How does it turn around? By the leaders of our major white organizations coming to the IMMEDIATE REALIZATION that each group is a finger, and that by pulling together, we can create a MIGHTY FIST. All of us pulling on the same rope channeling our efforts for a common cause. That, instead of fretting about how many members one can pull this way or that — and whose glory is who’s! There’s no time left to squabble over petty issues that can be resolved later. After victory, in the end, the coming battle will forge and fire what no man on earth can ever put asunder.

So, true National Socialist, call on your Identity Brüders with respect, Identity Brüders call on National Socialist with respect, Finally, Identity brothers, call on your klan Brüders with Respect.

Let our enemies beware that WE no longer allow them to divide us in cause or spirit as they please — WHICH THEY ARE, PRESENTLY EXCEEDING AT QUITE EFFECTIVELY... !

“Confuse, divide and conquer” is the Official Communist Jewry manifesto for destroying distinct Race and culture on earth. Indeed, it works...!

As each of us strives to be our best as individuals, to be better part of the whole, the movement improves. As we all learn from past mistakes of the whole, The movement improves. Each of us must strive to concentrate and bring out the good and the positive characteristics in each other; only then can the movement get stronger. To dwell on the negative is Jew thinking. The time is NOW for a bringing together of All Aryan Folk...!

If you truly want to strike fear into the evil hearts of your ENEMY

-Anti-Christ Jewry-

Exact True Aryan Unity>>> NOW!


This is a National Call to Aryan Honor and Kinship — to Stand UNITED and No Longer Divided...

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