• Pastor David J. Miner

The State of our Nation

Aryan Nations is composed of thousands of members and has received over 100,000 correspondences over the last 20 years. Our organization is comprised of white patriots from United States and all over the world and we will see this continue to rapidly expand as more and more of our kindred realize that the present establishment has no regard for the life of the white race!

Aryan Nations is you. That is, those who will display the courage to stand up for your race when all else appears to have forgotten us. It has always been a benefit to us to listen to our members and supporters, to publish their well-written ideas, and to provide a message of hope and encouragement.

Aryan Nations Is looking for leaders. Those who are already doing something for the benefit of their race. We are expanding into a program of “area leadership” due to the volume of patriotic people who are interested in fellowship with their own like-minded kindred. All of those who are interested in being an area leader are asked to respond to the national office here in Hayden Lake, Idaho... practically all of the duties of an area leader can be done by phone. The best of these leaders will be involved in the state leader program already in place.

Aryan Nations is asking you to become more involved. We will except those of our race for voluntary service at our church in Idaho, or at the state leader ship level. We ask you to copy and distribute literature and to invite those who are interested in the survival of our people to join us. To support us financially by paying the membership dues, ordering books from us, or by tithing. Keep in mind that no one knows better then we do that this usury/money system in place today is destructive to the life of our people, that every dollar that you send is spent on fighting injustice that is going on today. Indeed, those of you who have visited our church realize that we are not in this struggle to make ourselves wealthy. Still last month total income for the entire church was $200 less than the electric bill.

Finally, we ask you to keep up your faith never forget who is on our side. To stand fast the way our forefathers have done, and together we will restore our sovereign Nation. An Aryan Nation!

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