• Pastor David J. Miner

The Incoming Aliens

The White-American people have been brainwashed into believing we have a moral obligation to accept anyone into this country whether they are rich or poor and regardless of their race and religious beliefs.

The white man came to America to build this country into a morally Christian place to live. They wanted it to remain a White-Christian Nation, not to be turned over to the immoral heathen.

For many years we have been receiving aliens from all parts of the world but mostly from South America, Africa, Cuba and Asia. Over 150,000 Cubans, 35 million Orientals, millions of Niggers and Undocumented and documented mestizos (so-called Mexicans) have come into this country. Most of these people are the scum of the earth who have no means of livelihood, and we have had to support them from the time they first set foot on this soil. The Cubans receive refugee checks and welfare, the same for the mestizo, the same for the black... on and on. They are like a bunch of locust - They have never contributed anything, yet they take everything they can get. They are coming in at a time when there is no work for the native born white people, expecting to be fed and clothed.

Our constitution Says we have the freedom of religion. We are free to worship Jesus Christ. It does not mean anyone is free to worship false gods. These people do not know our God and Savior Jesus Christ. They practice their Satanic form of worship here in this white-country.

The God of Israel says we the Christian people are not to let these worshipers of false gods dwell among us. If we disobey our God and welcome the Satanic worshipers into this country, we will bring the anger of the most High God upon ourselves.

These aliens do not want to accept our culture, they only want our welfare, tax money, food stamps and ultimately replace us.

Jesus Christ will not help these people who will not worship Him; so why do the Christian people in America think they have been blessed with the burden of taking care of these heathens? These aliens did not decide by themselves to come to the United States; they didn’t have the money or the means. The Communist/Zionist governments picked a time when our economy was in trouble to flood this country with all the extra mouths to feed and rid their countries of this burden.

These Gooks, Niggers and Mud people are arming themselves and training in military order. Could it be their training to help their communist motherland to defeat us from within our borders?

The Communist/Zionist had some reason for letting them leave their country to come over here when we are in a recession. Either way their coming will be the downfall of this white country because they are only taking and are not giving anything. It is time for the white people of this country to stand up for their rights before we become the minority and they become the ruling power.

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