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The Last Battle

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The war between the Race of Adam and the seed of the Serpent has been and now is, marked by a constant series of milestone events. Beginning with the seduction of Eve, and the murders of Abel and the Prophets through John the Baptist, the crucifixion of the embodiment of the Everliving God, and continuing with the Apostles starting with Stephen, this unending warfare, launched against the image or representation of the Everliving God, Yahweh, (which is the Adamic-Aryan Race on earth) has been relentless, unremitting attack, maintained each hour of every day, century after century, through the Milleniums of time.

This warfare conducted by Cain's Satanic seed line, not only involves military battles, fought all through the centuries, between the nations of our race, seduced by the artful cunning, into sacrificing the blood of our people upon Baal altars, in the wars concieved by Jewry, but also by every seducing mind-bending lie, against the heritage, culture and destiny, of the Race begotten in the image of, and for the representation of, the Ever-living Creator, Whose name is Yahweh.

The de-facto economic conquest by the Merchant seed of Cain (Jewry), was formally legalized by the last remaining major Aryan Power, in 1913, setting the stage for the battle that would establish physical, geographical occupation by Cain's "Beast" system, over one sixth of the earth's land surface. By the end of the first third of this century (the second day from the beginning of Christ), total control was accomplished by the "Beast". The beginning of the second one third of this century (1933), began with a challenge to the "Beast" Merchant system from the remnant of the true tribe of Judah, which dared to challenge the worship of the "Beast". This opposition to the rule of the "Beast" was crushed after a 12 year battle and by the end of the second one third of this century (1966), most all remaining Aryan National power has been snuffed out from all colonial occupation and the occupation of the Aryan Nations themselves, by the hordes of the alien. As we stand at the mid-point of the final third of this century, the last battle to totally enslave the final remnant of Aryan mind and body, is at hand.

"Who is equal to the Beast!"—"Who can make war with him!" As stated, the "Beast" was "Allowed to wage war with the Holy and to conquer them; and authority was granted to him over every tribe and people and language and nation; and the whole of the earth shall pay homage, everyone whose name has not been recorded in The Book of Life of The Lamb, sacrificed from the foundation of the world."

Thus the "Beast", who was given a mouth, speaking boastfully and blasphemously in slanders against God and His representation in earth, as the accuser, who accuses us and our brethren day and night before our God, of the very crimes invented and committed by the "Beast"; therefore, we now stand on the eve of the third and final Great Battle of the Ages, of the War that has lasted over 6 Milleniums of time. This final battle brought on by the "Beast", with a purpose to further diminish the numbers of our economically enslaved Aryan Race and to eliminate totally, the faith and knowledge of Yahweh, God, from the earth.

Unknown to Satan and his seed, due to their inability to comprehend the plan of our Father and God, now comes the fulfillment of the promises made unto we, the remnant of His Aryan seed. For He said, "I will cause My breath to enter into you and ye shall live .... At that time says Yahweh, I will gather the maimed and cherish the mourner, I grieved and make the disabled a princedom and the banished, a powerful Nation!" The witchcrafts of Jewry shall be cut off from us, that we may serve only the Lord of lords and King of kings!

For as He has proclaimed the doom, of the false preachers for the "Beast", "Who swindle my people by gnashing their teeth and crying Peace!—and make ready to fight those who fill not their mouths, soon will arrive." Therefore, "Fear not little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."

The day of this final Battle draws ever nearer; let the true leaders of our Race proclaim to our Nations, assemble, "Prepare for the war, arouse heroes! come on, advance all men (Adam) to the Battle! Beat your plowshares into swords and your scythes into spears! Let the feeble exclaim, I am strong and collect to the spot where the Lord (OUR Father) intends you to conquer your foes!"

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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