• Pastor David J. Miner

The Dance of Death... or “When You See Things Come to Pass...”

Incredible and from a historical standpoint with blinding speed was the fall and subjugation of our Aryan Racial Nation. While still ascending to the stars in far-advanced technology, simultaneously the nation was disenfranchised politically and morally, then physically degenerated by words and song. No army of flashing swords hewed the way for the conquering hordes, no armada of bombers flew wing to wing in a formation of over 7 miles in width and nose to tail for 450 miles in length as it was in “The nights that Dresden and Hamburg died” - no, just cunning words and song.

In vein can one search the record books of history for a comparison. Ancient Rome? America has accomplished a moral and manhood degeneration in three decades that took Rome three centuries to achieve. Sodom and Gomorrah? - 450 years before degeneration in a flesh of vaporization. Some believe we of America have surpassed Sodom and evil. No nation in history has gone so high so fast in produced well, in liberty, glory, and honor - nor to the depths of the pit, looted of wealth, disenfranchised, defamed in dishonor warring against our own kindred - and all within the lifespan of one generation!

Biologist will in vain search for another example. What other life forms would import alien species into their own territorial imperative? What other race of “man” have ever or would ever willfully import racial aliens into their land in order to lavishly support them, exalt them, casting away their own culture in their own flesh and blood in favor of the alien and make these aliens rulers and masters? Common sense and simple logic says that this mental insanity and physical degeneration demands by the law of nature the demise of such life-contrary, depraved creatures.

Darwins theory of “survival of the fittest”? Perhaps the opposite is true - “The weak destroy the strong.” What is this about the bad apples destroying the barrel of good?


The nations Supreme Court, which constitutionally was to rule only cases at law (Christian constitutional law) Now establishes Jewish Talmudic “LAW.” This federal court has mandated a state religion called “public policy.” Integration and Mongrelization must be taught and practiced in “church educational institutions” or suffer penalties of taxation. The power to tax - the power to destroy? The Jews (American Jewish congress and ADL) Who backed the case against Bob Jones University found a clever way around the first amendment (Congress shall make no law...). Have the Supreme Court rule and the president declare “it’s the law... we will obey the law...“ and ipso facto - The prohibition against establishing a state secular religion was overcome and the Talmudic “public policy“ (The constitution of Marxism), such as the Greensboro Six and other cases, or also the Talmudic “public policy,” Hence obliterating the fifth amendment, ie “...nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.“ Can’t convict under constitutional law? Retry under “Civil Rights“ law where Aryans have no rights. Isn’t “democracy” wonderful?

Under the Pavlovian salivating catch phrase “civil rights“ sovereign and Constitutional rights have been totally abrogated for the White Aryan. The alien non-whites have what is called “civil rights.” The masses of our nation whimperingly submit to having their children taught to hate their heritage and Race and the necessity of blotting out their hated white genes. How in the name of our God can we tolerate this treason and not rise up in flaming wrath?


Homosexuality, a Jew-spawned disease, infects degenerate Aryans and is now promoted as a religious, political movement - The exercise of their free will and a “legitimate“ lifestyle. In a God-fearing, righteous Aryan society homosexuality like Miscegenation would be a capital offense; likewise with the Jew promotion of same.

By our Race’s submission to these abominations rather than declaring all-out spiritual and physical war on them with an appeal to heaven is our sin. We as a nation are coming under judgments for these violations of ordained natural law. “ It rains upon the just and unjust alike.” AIDS, A disease for which there is no known cure, is spreading from the officially sanctioned and “civil rights“ protected sub-culture of homosexuality to the straight population! It is becoming an all-out epidemic! Example: A New York Times report noted, “in the last three weeks medical journals have carried reports suggesting the disease could be transmitted sexually from men to women and be transmitted to children through routine close contact.“ Don bell notes, “surely, that would include the daily work of pediatricians and custodians in day-care centers, would it not?“ shocked by the AIDS epidemic, San Francisco, where 1/4 of the cases have been reported, is issuing special mask and gloves to police who have to deal with “suspected AIDS patients.“ AIDS is only one of the consuming plagues coming on us. When Aryan manhood existed in America’s mainstream, a few cents worth of rope or a well-placed bullet cured the problem. Today the mentality of these majority of emasculated Aryan masses is to suffer themselves to be taxed for hundreds of millions to try and find a “cure” for AIDS so that this depraved scum of perversion can enjoy “civil rights,“ another Jewish fable. The blood for life in the Red Cross blood banks is now becoming the blood of death!


Koch, JEW mayor of New York, ran for office counting on a block of 250,000 homosexual votes. He got them - and won! From New York to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Miami, the homosexual organizations wield political power. Homosexual election committees raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect their candidates in Los Angeles. Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown attend the “gay vote USA Gala.” Mondale, Cranston and Hart insist a solemn commitment to federally protected “civil rights” for active homosexuals, equal access to jobs, housing and public accommodations. Only the consuming white heat of Aryan wrath will cleanse our land. Hence, these perverted common carriers of a communicable disease will plaque those who will “tolerate” evil.

Our Race will descend yet deeper into the mire of the swine pen before the fantasies of Jewish delusion wear off. Our Race - our Nation divided against itself - has fallen. We stare now at the shambles. Can anyone conceive of a house constructed from a dozen different sets of blueprints?

The word of God, attested to by all nature, throughout all time, and witnessed by all history, gives us this one and only answer. Adolf Hitler and Germany’s Third Reich was the waymark of truth, but the majority of our Race chose to be a house divided. Once again proves the infallible accuracy of Gods natural law. The “democratic“ majority has always been wrong, as all history and scripture confirms. The Aryan Nations movement lifts the standard of God’s political platform (Exodus 19:4-6). How many will rally to it? All who have the will. Regardless of when His order and Aryan Army from the four winds shall prevail! His house shall be rebuilt, undivided on the rock of eternal truth, and eternal empire, never to fall again.

Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich was a light shining in a world immersed in the blackness of Jewish thought. He was like a John the Baptist in our age, calling to the Aryan Race (God’s Israel) to return. But like a modern decadent “Rome,” our masses have yielded to the demands of anti-Christ Jewry. Now we enter the final phase, that of the remnant. The elect who have not worshipped before Jewish idols. This remnant Aryan Army who’s allegiance is to the King of Kings. He shall lead them to smash forever Jewish Babylon.


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