• Pastor David J. Miner

Sovereign Will

The Adamic Aryan—born into flesh as images of an all-sovereign creator, given His delegated authority over earth and all contained therein to subdue, rule, and have everlasting dominion in LAW.

Aryans of our nations today are the living breath and progeny of ancestors that dared to sail the uncharted seas, scale the highest mountains, tame the wild wildernesses and are they who journey to the depths of the oceans and ascend to the cold voids of outer space, daring to trod indelible footprints upon the wastes of a lifeless moon while their kindred cause earth's deserts to bloom.

A mighty Race of an Almighty Father, forever few in number among the uncountable hordes of earth: yet out of it only came the soul-stirring deeds of heroism and self-sacrifice. Out of it came those whose compassion conquers deadly diseases and those who tame the effects of earth's ravaging storms and quakes.

Sons and daughters of the warriors, cultivators, explorers, builders, inventors, artists, philosophers—culture creators, the "light bearers" to the dark corners of earth: from the beginning of these gods is flesh came the divine prophets from whose lips fell the declaration of His all-sovereign Word. Out of our most elect fair daughter's womb did our Everliving God partake a body of our flesh to be a kinsman Redeemer, freeing our souls from death's chains.

From His Aryan families flow the streams of life from which came Homer, Galileo, Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Wagner. We today are the sons and daughters of Leif Ericson, Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Amerigo Vespuci, Charles Lindberg. We are the folk of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Washington, Franklin, Robert E. Lee—no volume, no library can contain all the heroes and heroines of our Father's racial family.

Glorious, when His obedient representatives; debased and dishonored for acts of disobedience. Yet for all our faults, His hand is still stretched only to us, the living flesh remnant of our Father's servant people. The elect shall renew in strength and will, as does the long-distance marathon relay torch bearer passing the light to the next in the contest for Victory.

It cannot be that all will faint and falter now. No! Not the children of the three hundred who stood with Gideon at Midian! Not the children of those who altered the course of history with Hermann in Teutoburg Forest! Not the children of the three hundred who stood with Leonidas at Thermopylae! Not the children of those who stood with Washington at Valley Forge! Not the children or the one hundred eighty who stood with Travis at the Alamo! Not the children of the few thousand that for a year stopped the Red Mongol hordes at Narva! No! For, true Aryan issue yet lives!

Presently, decay and rot eats away faith and will like a rampant plague throughout our racial life streams. I believe it to be the final cleansing separation designed to bring forth of this age those fit to wear the crowns prepared from our beginnings to shine as the stars of heaven forever with elite, noble forebearers.

Scripture relates and the times tell that the greatest test and challenge of all our racial history lies before us that our Father's will and purpose shall be done. Could it be perhaps the greatest and noblest heroes of all ages are yet to leave their marks indelibly etched upon the pages of history's final chapter.

Out of the past stretches forth the hands and spirits of our noble forebearers. Woe to those who fail to take them. They have left us a legacy flowing in our racial river of life.

Aryan Nations raises the Standard and beckons to our Folk that can hear the call to life. Names are all recorded in the Book, but each generation must engrave its own page, be it honor or dishonor.

Aryans, awake! Your Victory calls.

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