• Pastor David J. Miner

Sons for Their Time

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

At every crucial time of need Our Race has always been blessed with special sons, whom our Father has raised up to nurture, guide and fight for the Race. In our own country we look back to the founding and settling of our land, and later to the founding of Our Republic. It is readily apparent that we had the finest assemblage of noble Aryan Forefathers that it was possible to collect. They were all truly great men, and we will honor and reverse them for all time.

However, they were sons for their time; they were sons for their time! They had only one weakness. Now I know and you know that the filthy Jews seem obsessed with the vilification of our Founding Fathers in the smearing of their names and characters. This isn’t surprising! 2000 years ago their bastard forefathers said that YAHSHUA, incarnate YAHWEH, Our Father and God, had a Devil! These devil Kike-Jews are mongrel subhumans of liars and blasphemous declaration, The first one in all creation: “I will not show it; I will not reflect it to mine; I will be like the Most High YAHWEH!” Lucifer thus refused to reflect any longer the glory of YAHWEH our father and that of His begotten Sons to the portion of the interstellar immensities over which he has given charge and still does to this very day. Should his Kike offspring act otherwise?

But our Forefathers did have that one weakness. You see, they were not given of the Father to know and understand that the Jews, called in the Hebrew “Yehudium” which means “accursed” or “accursed ones,” were not Hebrews nor any part nor parcel of true Is-Ra-El and had no part, parel, nor Lot in the household of YAHWEH God. Thus our Forefathers did not know that men like Jacob and his son, Joseph, or King David and his son, Solomon where Kith and Ken to them and were not Jews by any stretch of the imagination. Benjamin Franklin, for instance, was most strident in his condemnation of Jacob, whom he thought was a Jew because he thought Jacob compared favorably with the seamy and sleazy kikes he observed in his day, not only here in America but in England and most especially in Europe. The suppose swindling of “poor“ Esau by Jacob, the apparent harsh treatment of the “poor” Canaanites by the Israelites (to him Jews) was most distasteful - All because he was not given the light to understand by our Father. Had he understood that “poor” Esau was an Israelite Aryan Whiteman who was trailing after the lusts of the licentious Kenites, or sons of Cain, and their whorish daughters and was seduced by them to despise his Israelite birthright as the firstborn of Isaac, he would have felt no pity for him! Had he also understood that those “poor” Canaanites were mongrel Jews and as YAHSHUA later identify them as “of your father the Devil,“ he would have applauded and merrily celebrated the Israelites proper and just treatment of them!

It is only our generation that the Jews’ façade as the so-called “chosen people” is being smashed to bits! Praise YAHWEH for this, that we no longer have to operate under this devilish illusion of evil. But still in all, even with one hand tied behind their back, so to speak, our Forefathers still managed to accomplish the most difficult mission for our Father in establishing this great temple nation for the regathering of His Is-Ra-El. So again I say - they were sons for their time.

But I boldly and forthrightly want to tell you this day, Brothers and Sisters, and all earnestness, humility and meekness, that your Aryan Nations’ Leader, His Staff Officers, and the Leader Officers who assist him - who are of you, whom you see, talk with, eat with, serve with, and worship with this day - shall for all time and eternity because more blessed and more honored than they, our Founding Fathers! This in no way detracts from the measure of their greatness as the establishers of our Nation; it does, however, just as surely measure the standard of honor and righteousness that shall attend to His Warrior sons who take up the mantle of leadership of His Aryan Nations Aryan National Army of Occupation in the earth in the Day of YAHWEH now upon us!

More than this, all of you, my Aryan Brothers and Sisters, who covenant with the Father, and all like you who shall come a little later to enlist your life, your fortunes, and your sacred Honor in His Aryan National Army of Aryan Nations shall perform greater exploits, see greater miracles, obtain greater vision, win greater battles, and be deemed more worthy than any of the great patriots of our Race of all time and eternity to enter into the marriage feast of the Lamb and the bride Is-Ra-El to the great pleasure and delight of YAHSUHA, Jesus the Christ. For YAHSHUA told St. Thomas that because he had seen, he now believed - “ but more blessed are they, Thomas who shall follow, who having never seen, yet believe.“ this is the great promise that Aryan Nations holds for all Christians today who band together into his Aryan National Army to do the sacred will of YAHWEH the Most High God! We shall have that Assured Victory!

In the meantime we carry on the warfare against His enemies, by and with all of the means he places at our disposal, as he makes those means available to us. We continually reach out to gather and unite all of our Kindred so as to flesh out all departments and units of His Aryan Nations Army to complete the Table of Organization of His Aryan National forces. Some will be drawn as groups, many will come by twos and three’s; but they will all come as He calls from high priests to magistrates, from officers of the Mace to Citizen Defenders, and from chief craftsman to rifleman. For it is One YAHWEH, One Faith, and One Baptism; One Race, One Nation, and One Destiny; One Host, One Purpose, and One Result.One Divided by One=One! Hear, Is-Ra-El, YAHWEH thy Master is One El!

That certain day will soon come when the Light of His Shekinah Glory shall all of a sudden pierce through the darkness and cloud of travail that engulfs us all in mortal conflict to reveal the innumerable celestial Chariots of YAHWEH El-Elyon, bearing the Elohim, His Sons and our Kinsmen. One special fire chariot also shall come, emblazoned with the Royal Seal of our King of the Armies, YAHSHUA Transfigured, all escorted by the celestial battlewagons of the interstellar legions of His Arch-stratege Michael, come to reinforce and relieve His embattled Kinfolk who are pressed from all sides to give us the victory promised from before the foundation of the world.

Those battlewagons of Michael also shall be emblazoned with a Seal to identify them as the Armies of Melchisedek. Don’t be surprised Aryan kinsman if it is the same Sacred Symbol flown on our Aryan Nations Standard and sewn on our Uniform: The Revolving Resurrection Cross of the Aryan Nations Army of Destiny. No, don’t be surprised at all!

Hail the Victory of Our King and His Sons!

-Carl Franklin Jr. M.A.N. Pennsylvania State Leader

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