• Pastor David J. Miner

Remembering Pastor Richard G. Butler

Pastor Butler was a unique individual who continued to fight the good fight even after the jews stole everything. Let us learn from his honorable example and never give up in this glorious quest to completely vanquish the eternal enemies of all Aryan people, the international jew. The kike is like an abscessed boil infecting the leg on the pure Aryan body. We must all work together to lance this boil and drive the hooked-nosed leaches back to the hell they came from. I, Jim Ramm, drove up from Portland Oregon to North Idaho labor Day weekend (sept 2004) to visit Pastor and AN staff. Pastor was doing quite well. I soon learned about all the Racialist outreach activities the AN had been doing in the area. Thousands of flyers were dropped in the local area that exposing the truth about the vile jew and his treachery to the north Idaho white masses. As always, it was a great honor to be in the presence of one who had risked so much to save our people, Richard Butler was truly a lion among men.

Pastor Butler had always been quite brilliant. He was originally a Aviation engineer and worked as a supervisor for Lockheed Corp. Pastor gave up a excellent career to pursue a path that would promote the existence of the white race. While staying at Pastor's I pitched a tent in the backyard and camped out. Pastor informed me that he had been following my website nukeisrael (NSM stole it) for the last year and it was one of his favorites. He even recognized that the page we created with politically-incorrect quotes concerning the jews was from text saved a old AN website. Pastor adored the work we were doing and encouraged us to continue.

On Monday 9/6/2004 Mr. Butler wanted to get out of the house and he took us on a drive to visit some racial friends. Pastor Butler’s driving was excellent:  he once was a racecar driver. Pastor was no fan of seat belts, and he died of natural causes... Still sharp as a tack, we later asked Pastor some questions about WW2 and he taught us some history. We wanted to know why Germany under Hitler had allied themselves with the Japanese, a country of nonwhites. Pastor informed us that Japan was one of the most anti-communist countries at that time. They were very nationalistic and simply idolized the third Reich. They made excellent allies, and preferred to mix with their own kind. The Japs were against race-mixing. It gave Pastor Butler a special thrill to see our Sunday flyer drive become the top story for the very Jewish Spokane CBS affiliate. We also hit the Spokane jewspaper(Spokesman Review) and the local NAACP said they were planning a special meeting to deal with our free speech. Pastor had a good laugh over the communist filth overreacting to the Patriots exercising their free speech.  I left the house of  Pastor Richard Butler the morning of Tuesday 9/7 and he died in his sleep Wednesday the following day. Mr. Butler was found by AN Pastor Jerrald O'Brien. Pastor Butler's traitorous family then proceeded to loot the house and dispose of all of his books and other Nazi goodies. All this happened before the will was even read. Pastor's daughter had turned traitor to the cause and it is rumored that she even turned over the AN membership list over to ZOG.  Now Pastor Butler is reunited with his beloved wife Betty whom was truly the driving force behind the Aryan Nations until she passed in 1995. A great soul has truly left this jew-controlled world. Let us honor his memory by increasing our efforts in the fight for the survival white children. Pastor recently recovered from a heart attack. While in the hospital his message to AN staff members was to never give up the fight. This is my message to you now:  honor the memory of this great man by redoubling your efforts to educate White Aryans. According to Jerrald, Pastor Butler died with a relaxed look on his face. Mr. Butler was a man at peace and left this world in his sleep. Aryan Warrior, you have had a long hard fight and earned your rest. Mourn not for Pastor Butler, he is a far better place. Mourn for your children who are forced to grow up in a multicultural cesspool of subhuman-muds. Mourn for your race that is dying from this Government-sponsored genocide. Mourn for those of our own people who are brainwashed into openly accepting the destruction of their own race. Rise up and work against this horrific racial future we all face.

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