• Pastor David J. Miner

Purposed to Conquer

'There is a purpose behind everything and everything has a purpose.'

There was and is a purpose for those who are of the 'Image of God'. To those who have 'ears to hear' or eyes to see it is now apparent that there exists also those whose purpose is in total opposition, to the purposes declared in Scripture for the Sons of Adam.

Hence the purpose of the 'Aryan Nations' is to bring to the remembrance of our people that they have a Divine purpose and mission to fulfill, i.e. first to set up a Government (Kingdom) on earth and second to subjugate all things to this Divine Government (Law of God).

Through our own failure to keep our 'purpose', of being on earth ever before ourselves and our children, we are now under the 'hand' of the alien whose avowed and declared purpose is to defeat the 'Sons of God.'

While we, as a race have fulfilled only a small part of our purpose, i.e. 'to be a light unto the nations' as far as technical sense is concerned, we have utterly failed to obey and to administrate the 'Law'. Thus, not only failing to liberate the other races from bondage of evil, but we ourselves have fallen into this bondage.

However we DO have an advocate with our Father and when we turn and 'seek His face', we shall again be clothed with strength and power, to become His 'battle ax and weapons of war'.

As our Everliving God has proclaimed for this day 'Raise a Standard in the Earth' 'Blow a trumpet among our Nations'. We have the promise that by His Spirit and Power we shall revive, even though now we are as 'dry bones' with no life in us. As Hosea declared to us: 'To your Living God, Israel (Aryan Nations) return, for by your own errors you have fallen; choose your words and return to your God.'

Victory shall be His and ours in that day we, of our Aryan Nations turn to conquer for Him, to receive the inheritance prepared from before the foundation of the world. This is the message declared from the beginning, so, 'Lift up your heads you Gates and let the Glorious King come in'.

He is the 'Lord of armies' His Host upon the earth who said: 'The conqueror—to him I will give the privilege of sitting with Myself on My throne, as I also conquered and sat with My Father, upon His throne'.

All Hail Victory!

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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