• Pastor David J. Miner

Patriotism or Americanism?

Werner Sombart's The Jews and Modern Capitalism (1903), describing in the most minute detail with over 614 notes and references taken from official government documents, Jewish periodicals, court records, museum, banking journals, stock exchange records, corporation and trust records, in fact from every conceivable source that then existed, from Babylonian inscriptions to "official" Zionist records, the threads comprising the panorama of Aryan subjection in thought and will, much like a mighty "high spirited" stallion is "broken" and trained to carry his master to HIS destination, obeying instantly the slightest of pressures of bit or knee.

It has been estimated that in the course of the last twelve decades, well over 13,000 organizations, parties, movements, leagues, etc., have been born to die away, all having in common what would be termed this day to have a "rightist leaning", (i.e., appeal to "patriotism", constitutionalism, Americanism, morality, etc.) as with the stallion, a masterful rider always keeps in control any excess energy, carefully allowing this energy to be expended, always and only in the direction of the master's goal.

The saddled and bridled Aryan Race that carries the jew rider, vents his frustration and innermost feelings of rebellion against the weight upon their backs but always first by accepting the jewish bit in their months to guide them: i.e., accepting jewish thought and spirit to direct their opposition to the weight of Jewry.

Thousands of Aryan patriotic leaders and followers have expended their all, in financial and physical energies and have gone to their graves never knowing that their efforts to, "save their country", "return to the constitution", "fight commtmism", "preserve freedom", ad infinitum, despite their intense emotions and sincerity, were always guided and controlled by the thoughts voiced and penned by their mortal enemies.

Religion, Capitalism, and Communism—ONE?

What "seeds" of destruction were sown that have become the mighty "tares" that now choke to death those nobly expressed sentiments of America's founding fathers? Was there any truth in "Americanism" being nothing more than the "Jewish spirit" distilled?

President Theodore Roosevelt, while in his first years of his tenure of office, was moved to send a congratulatory letter to the organizing committee that staged the magnificent celebration of the 250th anniversary of the first settlement of Jews in the United States. In this he said that it was the first time that he had ever written a letter of this kind but that the IMPORTANCE of the occasion warranted him in making an exception. (It should also be noted that in the period following the civil war, a tremendous flood tide of Eastern European Jews was engulfing the Eastern Seaboard.)

In mentioning the services rendered by the Jews to the United States, he used an expression which goes to the ROOT of the matter—"The Jews participated in the up-building of this country." On the same occasion, ex-President Cleveland remarked; "I believe that it can be safely claimed that few, IF ANY, of those contributing nationalities have directly and indirectly been MORE-influential in giving shape and direction to the AMERICANISM of today." The State of California is for the most part their creation, as the Jews claim. For in the foundation of the state they obtained distinction as Judges, Congressmen, Mayors, etc., and last but not least as the MERCHANTS. The Seligman brothers of San Francisco, William, Jessie, Henry and James; Louis Sloss and Lewis Gerstle, of Sacramento; Heiman and Newmark of Los Angeles, to name a few.

During the gold mining days, jews were the intermediaries between California and the Eastern States and Europe. The important transactions were handled by Jews, such as Benjamin Davidson, agent for the Rothschilds; Albert Priest of Rhode island; Albert Dyer of Baltimore; the three brothers Lazard, who established the International banking house of Lazard Freres, of Paris, London and San Francisco; the Seligmans, the Glaizers and the Wormsers. Mositz Friedlaender was one of the chief "wheat kings". Adolph Sutro exploited the Comstock Lodes. Therefore Governor Pardel of California remarked in 1905, "He, (the Jew) has been THE LEADING financier of thousands of prosperous communities. He has been enterprising and aggressive."

From William Bradford's original manuscript written in 1647 we see reference made as to why the Mayflower Compact was written—"... occasioned partly by the mutinous 'strangers' in their midst." The "Companies" that launched the settling of the New World were unique in that a common financial brotherhood ruled, The Plymouth Co., The London Co., The Dutch East India Co., and The Dutch West India Co. New Amsterdam (New York) contained a little over 900 Aryan souls, when a shipload of Jews from Brazil demanded permission to land. Stuyvesant, an Aryan Governor, hence no friend of Jewry, refused their request, "not wishing to pollute the land." But a letter from the court of the Company in Amsterdam, dated March 26, 1665, arrived containing an "order" to "let the Jews settle and trade".

It was forcibly brought home to the Governor that the Jews were not only the principal stockholders of the company but Jews were also the directors! It was not long before Jews also found their way into Long Island, Albany, Rhode Island and Philadelphia. Although racial Christian precepts of the Aryan workers and farmers were strong due to their inborn genetic spirit, they were from the beginning ensnared in the "insidious wiles of foreign influence" about which George Washington, a century of so later, was to give warning.

Upon the back of the Aryan worker and farmer, "Capitalism" has ridden, from the 7th century in Europe to the cresting of power in "Jewish" Americanism of the 20th century.

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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