• Pastor David J. Miner

Our Tyrants

Hear, O' Aryan Israel! Your foes, your tyrants and murderers shall be of your own household!

The battle that is being waged this day is parallel to the same battles fought in the past. The names and places may have changed, but the cause and the foe is ever the same. As Isaiah stated, By our own hand we have fallen. It is ever true throughout all our history that when we fall into bondage, it is always those of our race who are set over us as the taskmasters for our slavery.

Remember, it was not the jew, Negro, Asiatic, nor Chicano who conquered by the power of their sword! Forever and always it is those of our household that turn over Aryan Power to the hybrid jew and the dark sub-races.

Moses had to flee because a White Israelite race traitor threatened to turn him in to be murdered by the alien (Ex. 2:11-14). It was not Egyptians who wielded the whips on the White Aryan Israelites; it was the White Israelites! True it is, that today the jew rolls in luxury from the sweat of Aryans. It is those of our race, our own race traitors called IRS agents, FBI marshals, etc., that wield the whip on the Aryan workers—slaves for the jew masters. Supreme Court judges interpret the Constitution to fit jew-Talmudic law, not Aryan. Aryan congressmen and presidents pass and enforce jewish Bolshevism as the new social order for Aryan Americans. From the pulpit Aryan preachers vie with each other indoctrinating Aryan Christians with anti-Christ, anti-White, jew morality. Take for instance the recently passed Oregon "Law" making it a fine and imprisonment to say or write anything "offensive" to non-whites. Just who will be kicking in the door of a White Aryan Patriot seeking to rally his people? You got it! It will be White cops "just doing their job." Who will send him to prison? White Aryan jurors! They are commanded to judge the facts not the jew laws of anti-Christ.

The majority of our race will join the jew and other non-whites seeking to exterminate their racial brothers who raise the Standard of the Kingdom of Christ. The pools of blood from Berlin to Little Rock, Arkansas; Oxford, Mississippi, and Boston are the proof. This writer witnessed the federal marshalls at "work" in Oxford clubbing White Aryan youths. We have Seen T.V. pictures of Boston cops clubbing White Aryan women demonstrating against bussing of their children to cesspools called Black schools. Jesus Christ warned us that those of your own household will seek to kill you "thinking to do God a service." (John 16:2; Matt. 24:9).

We at Aryan Nations headquarters know the certainty of these facts. The jew-conspired bombing of our church facilities paid for by jews was the work of race traitors. The sheriff, the FBI, and BATF, as well as the prosecuting attorney, all know who was behind it and who did it. In fact, there are very reliable sources that claim some individuals of these agencies were in on it! We do know this for sure the so-called "Law" enforcement agencies are doing everything in their power to cover for the J.D.L. and A.D.L.

Every White Aryan who has not sold his soul to the mammon of jewry must realize the whole machinery of government is now total jewish Bolshevism! Every "law officer" swears his allegience to this sacred jew government. Every White Aryan who opposes jewish Bolshevism is a criminal. The "law" officer serves those in power. This writer knows well, for instance, Daryl F. Gates, the Chief of Police of Los Angeles, California. In a long conversation with Mr. Gates when he was Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Intelligence in 1964, concerning an event of Dr. Wesley Swift and this writer being seconds away from being gunned down by an A.D.L. jew, goon squad, the then Lt. Gates at the "official" investigation made these statements, "We police officers serve whoever is in power and whatever laws are passed. We will enforce them. You people are not in power; if you were, we would serve you .... If the people want the Hammer and Sickle raised, we will serve under it. Constitution and rights are whatever the courts say they are. We don't give a damn; we just enforce whatever they say is the law."

Those who will serve in the Army of Jesus Christ are going to be "the gold tried in the fire." They are going to be the select and the elect of our racial household. All of the chaff of Aryan race treason that now rule "their hour with the beast" will be slain with the sword of God's' vengeance (His army). This is what is meant by the purification of Israel. Race treason is treason to God. White Aryans who worship the beast go to the pit along with the beast! It fulfills God's law of natural selection.

"But fear not little flock; it's your Father's pleasure to give you the kingdom," and the poison of Aryan race treason shall never again be in His temple on earth!

His Victory we Hail!

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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