• Pastor David J. Miner

Our Government—Our Choice! Or, The Fruits of Democracy

Every Aryan on earth lives under a "Government." But other than the treasonous-traitorous "politicians" of every hue and stripe and the sleazy jew parasites that slink through the halls of government feasting from fleshpots, how many Aryans are happy with "their" government?

Are the Aryan workers happy being "ripped off" seven ways from Sunday by the non-producing jew jackals who loot from him all the fruits of his sweat and then the sweat of his children yet unborn? The Aryan farmer is not only robbed of all the fruits of his labor but is now robbed of all the stored fruits of the labor of his ancestors, as he mortgages (and is losing) that which generations before him had gained. For instance, we are told that some nine thousand (9,000) farmers a week are presently being driven off their land through bankruptcy. Are they happy?

How about the small businessman, the entrepreneur or craftsman—those hardy, independent souls that started machine shops, bakeries, hardware stores, lumber mills, and all sorts of enterprises, innovations, inventions, etc. who have literally and figuratively enlightened the world? The fruits of their labors and minds have been looted by the jew-controlled, multi-national corps, and they are now going under or forced to quit by the thousands. Are they happy with "their" government?

We hear "their" Supreme Court say the homes that the workers, farmers, businessmen, as well as those that doctors, engineers, and postmen live in will be taxed to pay for the education of the illegal alien children—millions upon millions of them! "Your" government, Aryans?

Jesus Christ put the issue plainly. It was valid when He declared it through the lips of Moses. It was valid when He declared it in person 2,000 years ago. It is valid today. You shall have the government of your choosing! "No man can serve two masters," for you will love the one and hate the other. If our Aryan kindred still love the government they have allowed to be inflicted upon them—then happy slavery and poverty to them!

Joshua stated, "Choose you this day whom you will serve." In America our fathers before us from 1860 to today have chosen to serve the anti-Christ jew; was it a wise choice? Will we who live this day take another look at what serving the jew means for ourselves and posterity?

The social order that breaks the bonds of family destroys the physical and mental morality of our children, eats the sustenance of our labors, burns our cities, breeds new, uncontrollable and so far, incurable diseases, and pollutes our once Heaven-blessed land with the scourge of alien filth is called "our wonderful democracy," and (may God forgive us) it is "our" wonderful democracy!

The founding fathers of the Constitution were extremely nationalistic nationalists. Today they would be called "racists" or "white supremists." They were also very concerned with the social order of "their" Racial Nation—and, thus, the Constitution to regulate the government of the nation. In a true sense they were actually "National Socialists," because they believed that the government had only one duty and that duty was the preservation of the people of and by whom the government was formed.

Today jewry teaches that the National Socialist Order—read: Racial Social Order—is evil, and if this is believed by the so-called Christians, they had best throw away their Bibles and join the nearest Buddhist order and throw themselves down before the biggest carved rock idol they can find, for when all the garbage of jewry is cleared away, the Bible is Volume I of National Socialism—Mein Kampf is its sequel.

After we have had our noses rubbed in the manure of the jewish swine pens of democracy a little longer, then perhaps like the "prodigal son," we will decide to return home to the National Order declared by God through Moses and all the prophets—reaffirmed by the Living God Jesus the Christ and called again to our remembrance by Adolf Hitler.

Like Stephen in the Book of Acts when he declared the self-evident truth of God and Race, the jews incited his own racial kindred to stone him to death. Hitler succeeded, declaring Life Law in Germany because the people were "filled to the gills" with jewish depravity and decided to trade the yoke of starving slavery for the yoke of liberty under the Life Law of the Living God.

While a part of our kindred returned to God for a witness to our race as a whole, the majority of our race was raised up to destroy them just as Stephen. Yes, my Kindred, NOW in all of our Aryan Nations we have our democracies, "our" governments. Jesus said, "Take my yoke, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." How about it, Aryans? This time all the world staggers under the yoke of jew demonocracy Palestinians and Lebanese peoples writhe under the lash of Begin-Reagan-Thatcher "human rights." Tens of thousands die quickly—hundreds of thousands more are slowly dying. Are we witnessing the prelude to what is planned for us when our Aryan built weapons are turned against us after the slaughter of Arabs ends?

Oh, Yahweh our God, we cling to your immutable promise that a remnant shall be left who will destroy the destroyers of the earth—forever ending the treasonous race traitors who have impowered thine enemies.

Hail His Victory!

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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