• Pastor David J. Miner

Natural Law and Politics

The only salvation for the life of our White Aryan Racial Nation, which is the only salvation of each of us individually, lies in whether we can re-unite as a racial entity with the will and self-determination to return to the natural "life law" ordained for our race. Following is a very brief digest of political thought of Aryan White men who united to form a state for the preservation of their race, as the preamble to the Constitution declared.

"A population of an ETHNIC unity, inhabiting a territory of a geographic unity is a Nation."

The foregoing quote from John W. Burgess' Political Science and Constitutional Law in 1890 merely re-affirms the fact that nation means race.

Shortly after the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America, James Wilson delivered a series of lectures entitled "Of the Law of Nations" in 1790-91. Mr. Wilson clearly defined the foundation of law respecting the governing principles upon which a national state rests. It is by deliberate willful deception and omission of fact that the present generation has no conception of the meaning of the words "Nation" or "State."

Today not even one college graduate out of a hundred can define the word "nation" or "ethnic" as to the dictionary definition, and most are appalled and recoil in horror when asked to read aloud Webster's definitions.

The "posterity" to whom the Preamble of the Constitution was ordained and dedicated shall sink ever deeper into the morass of degredation and slavery, until truth again raises its banner as a beacon for those who desire life and liberty.

The Law of Nations is the Law of Sovereigns. "But when I say that in free states, the Law of Nations is the law of the people: I mean that as the law of nature, in other words, the will of nature's God, it is indispensably binding upon the people in whom the sovereign power resides; and who are, consequently, under the most sacred obligation to exercise that power, or delegate it to such as will exercise it in a manner agreeable to those rules and maxims, which the law of nature prescribes to every State ...." ("Of the Law of Nations," 1790).

All the ills which exist presently in America and in the world at large are because we as a people have been lead to believe that we can violate the basic law upon which all life has existence, thereby countermanding the Creator of life.

We, as a racial nation have no state for our preservation. Our nation remains as a scattered, disunited, subservient people whose vision and hopes are dimmed.

James Wilson, one hundred ninety years ago, put it simply and clearly, explaining our present state of being:

"A state ought to attend to the preservation of its own exis-ence. In what does the existence of a state consist? It consists in the association of the individuals of which it is composed. In what consists the preservation of this existence? It consists in the duration of that association. When state ceases to exist; though all the members of which it was composed may still remain. It is the duty of a state, therefore, to preserve this association undissolved and unimpaired."

The Civil War and its aftermath of amendments to the Constitution, which were ratified in part by the force of arms, dissolved the national state association with the ethnic nation from whom the original state was formed. This disolution became official in 1868.

The only duty that a state has in governing a nation is to act solely for the preservation of the people of the nation. This is the only duty it owes to itself and to the people; therefore, every act of government (state) must meet this test: Will any proposed legislative act preserve the people now and in the future?

A nation has a right, and is under an obligation, to preserve itself and its members; it has by a necessary consequence a right to do everything it can do in order to accomplish and secure these objects.

This is the law of life set forth in Scripture and revealed in all nature. It is only upon our return to this law that the fulfillment of our destiny will be accomplished. "If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face (law) and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their error and will heal their land." (2 Chron. 7:14).

Your Race is your Nation. Nothing, can ever alter that fact, we, therefore demand under the natural law of God a territory and a state for our racial nation, totally separate and sovereign under God's law.

White Aryans who have the will to life shall unite, fight, and live, and they who despise their birthright shall join with the alien to cast away their life.

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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