• Pastor David J. Miner

Kinsmen Awake!

You have only two choices in regards to the future of your children. Only two! Natures laws are harsh. There is no compromise.

The America of your child’s future will either be that portrayed by the picture on the bottom or that portrayed by the picture on the top. Nature knows no compromise!

Remember, we are the minority of the worlds population. In 31 years whites will account for less than 5% of the people on this planet. By then only one out of 100 babies will be white!

No race ever survived without a homeland! Where is our white homeland? America, Canada, England, France, Germany, and Sweden are all being flooded with non-whites. The only all-white nation left is tiny Iceland.

There are 30 all-black nations, 20 all-yellow nations, and 60 all-brown nations. One all-yellow Nation alone, China, has over 1 billion people!

Who are the racists? Is there integration in Peking? Everyone is yellow! Is there integration in Bombay? Everyone is brown! Is there integration in Narobi? Everyone is black! Who is integrated?

Berlin, London, New York, Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver are all integrated all of the worlds white people are integrated. We are committing suicide!

Most of the worlds blacks, brown, and yellow people are segregated. Their population is booming. They will survive. Will we?

We are of the same blood as those who discovered, explored, founded, settled, built, and defended this once great nation. Even so, we are well on the way to becoming a minority in what was once our undisputable domain!

History tells us what is to be the fate of our children when we become a disunited minority in America. Do you know what happened to the whites in Haiti from 1791 to 1803? Is that the future US for your children or do you even care?

In 1903 the Mexican-Mestizo percentage of the population of the state of Texas was only 3%. Can you guess what that percentage is today?

Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Richmond, Washington, D.C., and numerous other large cities used to be almost entirely white. They also used to have clean, safe streets. Have you been to Miami lately? Would you like to raise your family in Detroit?

Did you know that in America today, more whites are dying than are being born. Can you guess what the non-white birth rate is? Can you guess how many Mexicans-Mestizos invade our nation every month?

It is basically a case of simple mathematics. At this rate what is to be the future of our children? Do you even care?

We of Aryan Nations do care! We have dedicated our lives to the preservation and restoration of Our People, White People. We are spreading the message of WHITE PRIDE, WHITE UNITY, WHITE AMERICA!

Nature knows no compromise. We of Aryan Nations Will either be totally victorious or utterly destroyed. And if we lose, Whites everywhere will lose. What then, will be the future of your children? If you do indeed care, JOIN US!

Sources for this material are: 1976 world population data sheet, population reference bureau, inc.; American museum of natural history, New York City, foreign demographic analysis division, U.S. department of commerce.


Statistical abstract of the United States 1981, 102nd edition, National data book and guide to sources, U. S. department of commerce, bureau of the Census.

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