• Pastor David J. Miner

Just More of The Same

Seeing Sarah Palin’s remarks regarding Israel on her latest trip to the middle eastern nation shows just how much she understands American politics. And she understands a great deal. Or at least enough to know that she must secure Jewish favor to even come close to winning the 2012 presidential election.

I’ll use this article http://articles.latimes.com/2011/mar/21/news/la-palin-israel-20110322 to make my point. She made the comment to her Jewish guides while touring the Wall of Wailing that “Israelis were too deferential to Arab concerns.” And "Why are you apologizing all the time?" after being told that Jews were not allowed to pray openly on the Temple Mount. It seems Sarah, as did her presidential opponent Barak Hussein Obama in the 2008 election understands just how much Jewish placating means to her chances of winning the Presidency in the upcoming 2012 election. If you remember the images of Barak Obama bobbing at the Wall of Wailing while wearing a Jewish Yarmulke, you’ll understand why I mentioned his ability to understand the Jewish power in American politics.

She said that the Jews were too deferential to Arab concerns. Really Sarah ? The Jews show too much esteem and to much respect to Arab concerns ? Such a humanitarian you are Sarah Palin. And she asks why the Jews are apologizing all the time ?  Surely Sarah is simply engaging in a little bit of tushy smooch, because anyone that knows anything about middle eastern history, namely the state of Israel, how it came about and the plight of the Palestinian Arab would understand that the Jews cannot apologize enough for the crimes against humanity that have been committed against the Palestinian people. In fact even if they were to leave old Caanan land today and give every last square inch of land back to the people it was stolen from it would not make up for the past 63 years of hell and horror that the Palestinian has endured at the malicious hands of Israeli Jews, not to mention U.S. foreign policy and it’s blind eye to the Palestinian people’s suffering, or British support for Israel’s land grabs and French indifference to the whole fiasco.

So while everyone in the Republican / Tea Party is going gaga over Sarah and her gun toting antics in her Alaska, know that she is just another political whore for Israel and that she cares not one single damn about the U.S. tax payer, the American worker or anyone’s civil rights or human rights for that matter. All she cares about is being the first woman president of the United States and if she is willing to kiss the murdering backside of Jewish war criminals to do it, while minimizing the human suffering of the Palestinian people who were ran into the desert to die or placed into concentration camps so that a people we know of as Jews could move into their homes and steal their land, then she has not one shred of decency in her bones and has no real humanitarian ideals and is not fit to be remembered in the same company with all of the great founding fathers and first Presidents of this once great White Christian land. Because if she doesn't care about the  suffering and humanitarian rights of the Palestinain people in order to please the American Israeli Political Action Committee, the wealthiest and most powerful lobbying group in Washington DC, then she will not care about yours when it comes down to the question of Jewish influence in her political career.

She however will be fit to be remembered with the Charles Mansons of American Presidential politics, such as George W. Bush and his daddy George H.W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Milhous Nixon, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and let’s not forget Mr. Peanut himself Jimmy Carter. These are the people who Sarah will be fit to be remembered alongside while she betrays the honest, but sadly the unknowing, American Tea Party enthusiast. You go girl. Straight to the lake of fire to sip tea with your Jewish masters..

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

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