• Pastor David J. Miner

I’ve Begun to Hate

Updated: Jan 24

The white man mixed in India;

He mixed in Greece and Rome;

he smashed his brother in Germany, and now he has no home.

The children now must pay the price for those who did despise the purity of nature’s laws and followed Jewish lies.

The remnants of a noble Race,


Rush to commit suicide -

Supreme insanity.

Upon the few who fight to keep their racial purity, they pour their tolerance of abuse like a raging sea.

I see the females who are white in the ultimate disgrace, casting their pearls before the swine, who are not of our Race.

I hear the screams of little white girls, who are my Racial Kin, raped to death by Ike’s Nigger hordes in the subways of Berlin.

But the Asian whore has gone too far and made some white men sad. And soon he will feel the ice cold steel of the modern Galahad.

For, where there lives real life, Emotions run deep and strong. Who cannot hate can neither love Nor fight against the wrong.

And I’ve begun to hate.

Achtung Jüden!

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