• Pastor David J. Miner

Embracing the Solution!

There are alternatives to dealing with our discontent that are aggressive, effective, and realistic. They are neither passive or violent. Our cause must move forward or fail, and we have reached a critical point in which the need for progress has never been greater. Social trends suggest that we are on the brink of historic opportunity, and it is the white nationalist that can seize the moment and channel the river of change into a powerful and unstoppable political platform based on national socialism.

According to the US government sponsored polls, more than half of all whites and non-whites in America agree that race relations will always be problematic. That means that acts of violence or open discussions will never lead to conciliation of the race issue. The reality of natural law validates this contention. In fact, racial estrangement will continue to burden our society despite presidential agendas in that national talkfests or radical underground goals of unpalatable extremism.

Therefore, we ought not promote or condone armed militancy at this time, but rather political activism. Adolf Hitler Said that if you wish to be politically powerful, then you must be politically active. So count not your contributions to the movement by the number of guns you own or by how many heads you stomped on, but by the amount of money you have contributed to the party and the hours of political activism spent on our platform. Commitment as a financial contributor and political activist is absolutely necessary to insure success and is a fundamental party ingredient.

It’s worth pursuing a political objective for one overriding reason: The overwhelming majority of all peoples want social stability and national harmony, which can only be achieved through racial identity and separation. Such ethnic states would illuminate unfair prejudices and racial discriminations for all people. If we can offer a realistic alternative such as this that will allow for genuine answers to those problems that continue to gnaw at the guts of this country then we will see true progress. A national socialism platform will resolve the many problems that have thus far eluded resolution under the current system that many are now disenchanted with. And if current trends continue, we will also soon realize mass defections from the ranks of those embracing multiculturalism, bringing with them the much needed financial in numerical support we lack today.

So instead of joining one complain to another, let us represent the solution. Everyone knows that something is terribly wrong with our society, but few are willing to commit to change. And that’s because change frightens people, and this then becomes another obstacle to overcome. Dispelling those fears and focusing on what must be accomplished before we are faced with national damnation will ultimately benefit all of mankind.

Racial reality is knocking on America’s door, so let us open it. Otherwise all talk about dignified and separate racial nations will remain just that.


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