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Edgar Steele Found Guilty/Gone but Unforgettable



Edgar Steele has been found guilty on all counts in federal court. For those  of you who do not know who Edgar Steele is and why he might have been a target of the ZOG, just let me state this and the rest of the story will fall into place once you read what I have provided below. Two weeks ago I wrote Edgar a letter and included a copy of this memorial he had written for Pastor Redfeairn when he passed away peacfully in his sleep in October of 2003. I had posted this at the Church of the Sons of YHVH's website back then.  In my letter to Edgar Steele I hoped to make him aware that even though Pastor Redfeairn is no longer among living mortal men, that Pastor Redfeairn is very much alive and that Ray is in his corner as he wished he would be should he ever need him to be.

I hoped that these words and thoughts would at least lift his spirits and let him know that he is in our prayers and that we have not forgotten how he had at one time went to bat for us here at Aryan Nations. Please everyone continue to keep Edgar in your thoughts and prayers.

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

Aryan Nations World Leader

Ray Redfeairn, 1951-2003

Gone but Unforgettable

by Edgar J. Steele

October 27, 2003

The news of Ray's passing yesterday came as a shock.  Followed by an upwelling of grief that I rarely have felt for someone whom I have known so briefly.

Ray was a minister in the Church of the Sons of YHVH in Ohio.  I don't know much about that organization's members or their beliefs, but I know integrity, decency and honesty when I see it.  Ray possessed all of those things and more.

I first met Ray when he traveled to Hayden and stood by Richard Butler's side all through the show trial brought by Morris Dees and the SPLC.  Many men stood with Pastor Butler during that ordeal (I was his attorney), but none so solidly and supportively as did Ray Redfeairn.  He was that kind of guy.  My kind of guy.  Just the guy I would want at my side during a fight. Ray showed uncommon mettle and spirit all through the proceedings.  When Dees called Ray to the stand, expecting to cow him, Dees got more than he bargained for.  "Mo - can I call you Mo?  It feels like I know you so well," was the way that Ray began his testimony, with that ever-present smile on his lips.  Ray gave as well as he got, needless to say.

I was struck by Ray's basic decency and the lack of guile that he possessed.  Quick with a smile and free with his friendship, Ray was one of those people who put you at ease immediately.  For that reason, within minutes you felt as though you had known him for years.  That is why Ray has friends - real friends - wherever he has traveled, which encompasses a considerable distance.

Always, I found Ray to be strong, intelligent, witty and quick to praise.  His inner strength was awesome and it always was a pleasure to bask in its glow.  I was pleased to call him friend during our infrequent email correspondence thereafter.  Ray was more than a good man; he was an exceptional man of honor and clear thinking.  I will miss him.

We all will miss him, because Ray stood up for the white race in a way that few would dare.  He fought our fight for us and now should be treated as any good and true warrior chief who falls during battle:  carried off on his shield and buried with full honors.

A man among men, Ray was the best of us.


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