• Pastor David J. Miner

Crusade Against Corruption!

Communism is Jewish, has always been Jewish and always will be Jewish until, with God’s help, we put it out of business. Communism is a Jew trick to get stupid Gentiles (GOYIM) to support the Jew plan of world conquest.

The fountainhead of communism has always been in the United States in the center of the Jew money power. Look at how they have established the communist evil in Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Cuba, etc., From the old evil 1917 Jew banking Company of Kuhn, Loeb & Company to Jew Armand Hammer and other present-day Jew money boys, communism is a tool with which the Jews enslave the Gentiles. With the help of the Jew owned politicians in Washington, both Democratic and Republican, they are now pushing business in the United States to form joint ventures with communist companies in the ex-Soviet union and red China. The Jew capitalists have always supported communism all over the world and misuse America’s wealth to always support the communists and keep it propped up. Communism will collapse, without war, when we stop the Jew-controlled politicians in Washington from constantly propping it up. Before we can stop communism in the rest of the world, we Crusaders must first smash communism in the United States and that means taking our country back from the Jews.

Through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, the Jew-owned White House and the Jew-owned Congress are funneling billions of our taxpayer dollars every year to every communist country in the world, including Cuba, Nicaragua, red China, the ex-Soviet Union and all the others. It is treason. This crusade demands that the Washington politicians of both corrupt parties stop all payments to both the IMF and the World Bank. That money could be better used to help the American people, especially to give more money to Medicare and to the many loyal Americans on Social Security... and to help balance the budget.

The Jew objective is a Jew-controlled global economy that would pave the way for a Jew global government. The Jews want a Jew world government with capitalism for the ruling Jewish people and communist slavery for all others. Jew Armand Hammer is an example of that. He is a Jew billionaire who is already multi billionaire in both red China and ex-Soviet Union as well as in the United States. Jew Armand Hammer is proof that communism is still Jewish! I should say extra proof that communism is Jewish!


The Jew money system of world banking is artificial and when it collapses, Jew power and communism will both go down the drain at the same time. Another reason why the international Jew Money power will collapse is because God is wiping out the Jews and Niggers with AIDS.

Thanks be to God, we are winning! Let’s continue to go forward!

For Christ & The White Race!

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