• Pastor David J. Miner

Christianity and the Aryan Vision of God

Christianity for the Aryan is Race and Race is Christianity.

Race is Soul seen from without and Christianity is Soul seen from within.

Seeing that the ultimate arbiter in the minds and soul of men is a faith and world outlook, Aryan Nationalism, representing the union of Worship and State in an Aryan folk community, is a vibrant missionary creed claiming the total allegiance of Aryan man.

The failure of the so-called Christian churches is largely the result of their sin against the "the likeness of Yahweh" in ignoring Race and the purity of the blood of the Nation.

True Christianity seeks above all the preservation and increase of Aryan man, a noble and unique creature which, by God's Grace, has been given to the earth.

The essence of Christianity and Race is contained in the question which is of first importance to the Aryan world: Does this serve the interests of our Race and People now and in the future, or will it injure? Before the test, there can be no consideration of party politics, of "religions," of humanity, or, in a word, no other consideration can have any place whatsoever.

Christian belief, to be true, to be Aryan, must be purged of all remnants of Jewish thought.

We wish to fill our culture once more with the Spirit of Christianity, but not only in theory.

The fight against the poisoning of the soul must be waged alongside cultivation of the body. The life of the Aryan people must be freed from the asphyxiating perfume of modern eroticism. The aid and method must be governed by the thought of preserving our nation's health in body and soul. The right to personal freedom comes second in importance to the duty of maintaining the Race.

The Aryan hates the word "impossible": it has always been the mask of the faint-hearted, of men who did not dare to carry out great resolves.

Only when this Jewish bacillus infecting the life of Aryan peoples has been removed can we establish a cooperation amongst the nations which shall be built upon a lasting understanding.

The readiness to sacrifice one's personal work and, if necessary even one's life for others, is the most highly developed characteristic of the Aryan Race. The greatness of the Aryan is not based on his intellectual powers but rather on his willingness to devote all his faculties to the service of the community.

One thing we must never forget: A majority can never be a substitute for the Man.

With those known as Jews there is no bargaining, there is merely the harsh "either - or."

We realize that the fight is not against enemy nations but against the international capitalists who rule all nations.

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