• Pastor David J. Miner

Can we Live Truth?

Updated: Jun 9

The destruction of the United States Constitution as an idea for a white or Aryan national state was inevitable. Benjamin Franklin predicted that it would not last. Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, among others, “smelled a rat“ and refused to be a party to the destruction of the states’ sovereignty, freedom, and independence. Patrick Henry used all his powerful eloquence to try to stop the ratification of the Constitution as it was set up. Concerning the questionable ratification of the Constitution see Lysander Spooner’s book NO TREASON. Also a must reading is James Hazel’s book, Martial Law Over America.

Probably no one on earth have been lied to more consistently than white men living in America. One might ask, “Well, how about in the Soviet union?” True, they are living a lie, but they are also slaves. Do slaves have the right to truth? Do they know, for instance, that the wonderful communism they exist under was brought to pass from those living in the “land of the free” (USA)? Today, those in the “land of the free” are being told that the “Evil Empire” is no more, that really they are nice fellows, that they don’t want to hurt anyone. If anyone believes this lying garbage, he believes also that the the moon is made from green cheese!

We, the white Aryan race, are a dying people in America, as well as in the rest of the earth. Isaiah asks the question, “why should we die?“ Of course, the answer is that, as Jeremiah states, “we love the lie.“

Do we love the lie more than life? It would seem so. Within the 21st-century according to birth statistics, the German people will cease to exist in what was Germany; Only disease depraved mongrels will exist there. The long-held Jewish ideal of Theodore N. Kaufman and Morgenthau of the total murder of the white Aryan race will be fulfilled. If Germany perishes, would Aryan still live in America? Remember, non-whites are flooding America’s borders by the millions, while our white reproduction is far below replacement rate! If the Aryan race ceases to exist, who would worry about the snail darter or the wale? No others would, or could give a damn.

What was the fatal flaw in the constitution? For one thing, it did not identify who or what nation (Race) was to be the citizen.

“We the people...” What people? Blacks, browns, yellows or whites? — or all mixed up together as the dimwitted Sodomites now say. However, the founding Fathers were of Aryan Blood; meaning their Nation (Race). There was no Mongrels, Niggers or Asians who set foot on plymouth rock; only the white Aryan race, who made this country. When white man came to America, we didn’t have welfare to help while we put our farms together and built everything from the ground up. Our kindred pioneered all that you see in the land, we call U.S.A.. We did it all for the Love of Our God, Race and Nation!

The Bible identifies the house of Israel as a Nation (Race). We have a dozen or more divisions of this one race. America is the regathering of this one household. Representative of all our tribes (Nations) are here.

We are going to go to total war one more time, not to please the Jew, but to defeat him and his mongrel hordes. We also are going to save the German people (Zachariah chapter 12:7) from the death trap that our Race treason has set for them to please the Jew. We are going to see our faces flaming red with shame, as we awake to the great lie of the “HOLOHOAX.” We are going to have in America a great remorse that we followed leaders who were murderers, liars, pedophiles and sodomites. We profess Christianity and served the anti-Christ. Not only did we believe the Jew, we tortured our Kinsmen, men, women, and children, to death to please filthy trash. Mr. James Keegstra, Canada, has said it best: “ you can’t feel a tapeworm. You just miss your food. You get weaker and weaker and finally die as the worm sucks up all the nourishment. This is exactly what an overdose of Jews does to a country.”

Strange, we, through our own deceit, became murderers and hypocrites. O, when we can fulfill Kipling’s “Day of the Saxon” to remove from earth forever the disgrace and shame we have earned by our hypocrisy...

At the conclusion, the Aryan’s shall be few in number (Mathew 7:14; 20:16), but we each have His promise — our rewards are sure. (Rev. 22:12)


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