• Pastor David J. Miner

Call to Arms

HEARKEN, all you white Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic, and Slavic peoples—you Aryan Nations. This is a call to arms for you to unite on the basis of Blood, Race, and the Faith of our Fathers. No more disunity on the basis of denomination or nationality. If you are White—Christian—Aryan, you need to realize that your survival, your posterity's survival and the survival of civilization depends upon your joining hands and closing ranks into a white phalanx which can exercise power and dominion over the whole world.

The lines of battle are drawn. The dark, dusky, and yellow races of the world led by international jewry have developed a multiplicity of strategies all with one aim in mind: the TOTAL ELIMINATION OF THE WHITE ARYAN NATIONS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. It is unmistakeable.

We don't have to agree on everything. We can and will have our differences, but we must come together whether we are liberal or conservative, rich or poor, Catholic or Protestant blue collar or white collar, Southerner or Northerner, male or female, farmer or city dweller, old or young. White Aryan Christians, the death sentence to our race has already been passed down. The anti-Christ jewish strategy takes many forms such as:

RACE MIXING: When young white girls and men cross with blacks, Asiatics, Mexicans, or Indians, the offspring is non-white. The Bible word is "Mamzer"—an abomination to God.

ABORTION: White men's white women who have abortions kill a child of God. The dark races avoid abortion. They just keep MULTIPLYING!

THE PILL: Mainly used by white couples to avoid bearing children. Limits our race. Dark races do not use the pill. They just keep MULTIPLYING!

PROPAGANDA: Whites are instilled with guilt complexes to reproduce due to fear of overpopulation. Asiatics, negroes, and Mexicans could care less. They just keep MULTIPLYING!

TAXES, INFLATION, MONEY POLICIES: Because white people are instilled with the work ethic and believe in paying their way, they limit families for financial reasons. Blacks, Asiatics, Mexicans, and cross-breeds depend on handouts, welfare, stealing, and crime for money and just keep on MULTIPLYING!

The ultimate projectable outcome of this strategy is the total eradication of the white Aryan people from the face of the earth. They are either absorbed or they do not come into being at all. Is this what you want? Many people say, "After I'm dead and gone, what difference will it make to me?" What an attitude! If it were not for your ancestors, you would not have had the pleasure of existence in this world as a white Aryan with all its past benefits. So, COME ONE! COME ALL! Give us MEN—stout-hearted men—men with pride in RACE—men with SPIRIT—men with COURAGE and the willingness to SACRIFICE!

The hour is late. The need is great. The cause is just. The action is IMPERATIVE. The solution is Aryan Nations. AWAKE! AWAKE! to your call to arms!

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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