• Pastor David J. Miner

"But Those Mine Enemies ...." [Luke 19:27]

For those who truly believe that Jesus the Christ was and is the flesh embodiment of the Everliving God, they then, if they be true, cannot deny His unchangeable Law of Life.

Also, there exists those who, through a genetic inheritance, comprehend this Law of Life although, through error, reject its Author, being deceived by their cunning enemies who initiated and wage the "State of War" declared to be in existence by the Author of Life (Gen 3:15).

Thus, the Adamic seedline, like "a house divided against itself," has fallen prey in greater part to the falsehood of the hybrid seedlines' deception and illusion that leads to debasement and death rather than the way to perfection and are, therefore, today as gullible as were their ancestors to believe the lie (Gen. 3:4-5) and also act upon that belief as did they (Gen 3:6). Vaunted and vain "intellectuals" and "philosophers," who all through the milleniums of time since have struggled and strained to rationalize the lie into truth leading the unthinking multitudes of "sheep" to follow these intellectual "clay pots" who believe themselves greater in wisdom than the "Potter" who formed them.

The utter simplicity of the truth of life procreation in all of its forms and order including the order selected by the Author of Life to be His representation on earth seems to be utterly incomprehensible to those who swell themselves up like frogs setting on the lily pads of jewish lies.

When considered, the foundation of the scriptural view of life creation is based upon one single immutable principle, repeated ten times over. (Gen. 1:11-25) (The numeral 10 in scriptural numerology denotes completion.) Regardless of all other views expressed in a myriad of ways and forms concerning Bible content, if the foundation for the balance of scripture is denied, the whole (all 1188 following chapters) is denied, all the balance being meaningless and of no value as a guide for Aryan life, as many this day are wont to declare. By denying the "seed" (racial) foundation, it truly does become a collection of fairy tales as some "intellectuals" declare and, therefore, a ruse for conniving, worthless, base scoundrels called "preachers" to fleece the masses of their goods and sustenance.

Examining this life principle foundation, we find that absolute dominion over the earth, everything contained in it, above it and on it was given to one specific, single "seed" line order. For those who say that they believe what Bible scripture relates, then they must admit that this dominion said to be given was absolute and unconditional, not to be shared or compromised in any way, shape, or form with any other life order existing then, or ever to be.

Talk about liberty? Adam and Eve were given possession of the ultimate! And as for "dictatorial" authority, Adam and his seedline had it all. (Gen. 1:26). By what authority or power was it given to Adam? According to scripture, the Everliving God to whom is ascribed all creating, making, acting, moving, and speaking. Hence, no room is allowed for "evolution," for instance, without a flat denial of Divine Revelation. If God be true, then all who teach evolution and all who believe in it deny Him as the Author of their lives and are "His enemies," subject to the penalty of Luke 19:27 as the "pots denying the Potter."

Before further identifying from scripture who are those that are subject to the order, "... bring hither and slay them before me," let's examine the word Genesis.

The word Genesis, the name of the first of the 66 books, seems to support the Life-law principle declared in this book. Webster's dictionary tells us that Genesis is a German word from the root of "gegnesthi" meaning "to be born and or the coming into being of anything." The Latin word Genus or Genera has its root in Genesis, for it means "noble birth, race, kind, sort, order," hence,again, references to the beginning of life as classified in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis. Thus it is with a whole series of words in the languages spoken and written by the Nations of Aryan tongues. Take the word "generous" for example, the primary meaning of this word being "of honorable birth or origin." Also from the same root is genethliac, genetic, gene, eugenics, etc., etc. All of these words directly relate to beginning, birth, order, class, type, lineage, etc.

Appendex 197 of the Companion Bible notes that there can be no comprehension of the Book of Revelation without an understanding of the Book of Genesis; in other words, the "Alpha and Omega."

The violation of Life Law was the fall of Adam and all of his descendents (1 Cor. 15:22) who, even though just released from Egyptian bondage by Yahweh's mighty power, could not refrain from rebelling against His Life Law order (Ex. 32:7). A point of interest is that they rebelled 10 times (Nu. 14:22) in spite of witnessing each time the catastrophic penalties meted out to the rebels. The enemies of God are those who despise His Life Order and White Aryan Israel to whom the Law was given, are the chief violators of LIFE LAW!

It is easy to blame all our troubles upon the jew, for it salves our own guilt. But in fact, we as a people created the jew (Cain) and the resulting warfare (Gen. 3:15).

The jew would not be a problem, nor would there exist any of the problems associated with the jew in America (drugs, pornography, civil wars, prostitution, Federal interest usury, alien hords, integration, I.R.S., etc.), were we (God's true Israel) to have followed God's laws on immigration. There would have been no jew in America! Also, in point of fact, the negro problem would not exist, for this problem came with the jew. The rape, robbery, disease, welfare, ghettos, filth, etc. associated with the Blacks is a natural result of the jew in our land; and the jews in our land is a natural result of Ourviolation of our Father's Life Law Creation.

We have sown our own seeds of destruction and we are about to reap the whirlwind! Britain and America fought for the jew against the ordained Laws of Nature and a Governmental State for the Aryan. Britain's empire is gone, her cities are invaded by alien and burned by fire; the price for violation of Organic Life Law.

Know this, my Aryan Kindred! Even every one who serves the forces of anti-Christ, regardless of excuse given, is an enemy of God. Any Aryan who professes "Jesus Christ" and, for instance, sends his children to anti-Christ school institutions, becomes His enemy. Every federal, state, county, or city government official and or employee who orders, enforces orders, or aids in carrying out any decree that serves to destroy the Law of life for our race, is an enemy of the Life of the Aryan race, and so, also, an enemy of Jesus Christ!

As the Everliving stated to our fathers, "You, however, trust yourselves to false doctrines that cannot benefit. You steal, murder, whore, gorge, and lie and offer incense to Bal—and go after seducing gods of whom you know nothing. Yet you come and stand before this house upon which my name has been invoked, and say 'Deliver us because we have practiced all these abominations!'" (Jer. 7:8-10; F.F.)

Aryans! We, by our nations, are our own enemies! We to whom the Law and sovereignty were given have turned to fight against the Law of Life and even against our Father and Everliving God!

Can anyone say that never again will come the question, "Who is for my Everliving God?" (Ex. 32:26). Or shall it never again be the command to those who stand, "Let every man bind his sword (gun)? upon his thigh! Go through and return from gate to gate of the camp (NATION) and kill every man his brother and every man his neighbor and every man his friend!" (Ex. 32:27; F.F.).

Those who have faith in the absolutness of our Father know that He is true and this His command will be given, "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither and slay them before me." Even so, Father, let thy will be done.

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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