• Pastor David J. Miner

"Blow the Trumpets"

Above and beyond the this or that of the many faceted vain struggling, by the multitude of groups and their plans against the enmeshing bonds of slavery and death, into which we of our Aryan Nations have fallen, lies the sole and only means of liberty. All Scripture witnesses to this truth, all secular history testifies to it; all of the creations of our Father called 'Nature' is living evidence of its truth! We as individuals, of the race of our Father, are chained captives, as we in our nations have submitted to the Baal Idolatry of the alien 'Beast', the seed line of Cain called Jewry.

Let-us rip off these masks of blindness we have donned while drugged with the smooth lying deceptions of the false prophets and leaders who are exterminating the Aryan Race of the Everliving God, leading them blindfolded into the stench of the pit of black death.

Hear O' Aryan Nations; of your Father's Israel! Wherefore do you plead, work and pray in the courts, institutions and synagogue, of those who hate YOUR GOD and Redeemer? Do you not see YOU have NO representation in them? There exists no courts or judge who judges under the Law of your God. YOUR NATION has no parliament, congress or leaders that speak for you, your God or His Law. The great Ivory 'Groves' of baalized Satanic idols wherein you worship cannot bring you to YOUR Father and God.

It is not with vain repetition loud wailing or frenzied and frantic flailing, as of the alien heathen to their false gods that will free you! For you are as scattered sheep among the mongrel hordes and are 'prey' for every 'beast of the field' and as such we cannot serve our God!

Therefore His command to us, assemble yourselves together, 'Proclaim to the Nations, prepare for the war', 'let the feeble exclaim I am strong' for your God 'intends you to conquer your foes.' (Joel 4:9-12 FF)

Let us no more be prey to every whim of the alien destroyers of our nations, for the 'Standard' has been raised the 'Trumpets' are blowing, the call is out to every Aryan with 'ears to hear' for 'The High Hills re-echo a great people's movement, the Lord of Hosts mustering His Army for Battle.' (Isaiah 13 FF)

Therefore come out from amongst the alien, regather as His Nation to serve your God and renew the 'spirit of liberty' that exists only when you serve your Nation to serve your God and Father!

Answer now O' Aryan Kindred, whom then, are those kings He is to be KING over? And the lords that He is to be LORD over?

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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