• Pastor David J. Miner

Aryans Build Jewish Kingdom

Subject: Jew-led, White Aryan Executed Offensive against Aryan Nations.

Brief Background: An arm of the ADL known as the National Lawyers Guild, allegedly also a Communist Front, is mustering their "legal" forces to siience the "Calling our Nation." The first reports of this came from an Aryan Nations member in Utah who attended a public meeting held to enlist "lawyers" willing to donate time to researching ways that lawsuits could be brought against Aryan Nations and other "racist" groups.

An item in the Spokesman Review a week after the Utah NLG meeting stated that "ways around the First Amendment must be found," and that "legal breakthroughs must be found for class action suits based upon the 14th Amendment."

The newly elected Sheriff of Kootenai County was reported in the Coeur d'Alene Press to have stated, "We are watching them (Aryan Nations) very closely; so far they are keeping within the present law." A Boise Police Captain was reported in the Idaho Statesman to have said, "If the JDL is involved they will ... eliminate them (Aryan Nations) and no one will ever know they were there." A Spokane Rabbi stated on TV "that perhaps God will find a way for the good people to eradicate these demagogues from our midst." On the same TV program a race traitor (John Woods) in Priest's robes echoed the Rabbi, "Like Hitler was crushed, he (Butler) will be crushed." (Note: Forged Aryan Nations letterheads with messages that bear my copied signature were sent to law enforcement agencies. The messages carried all the elements necessary to have an indictment brought against me for conspiracy to commit murder!)

Protocol 19:3. In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. Public opinion will then confuse in its conception of this category of crime with the disgrace attaching to every other and will brand it with the same contempt.

Every Aryan fighter must be ever fully aware that there never has been a Bolshevic jew "frame" of a White Aryan patriot or organization that has not been executed in whole or part by White Race Traitors! We must remember the truth which every law enforcement agency freely admits, they could not operate in solving criminal cases without the co-operation of professional informers, plus the voluntary information supplied by the public at large. The jew and the jewish world of thought is the total inversion: That which puts "evil for good and good for evil," using the basic principle of "law enforcement" in reverse, i.e. the conditioning of the armed forces of Aryan police power suppressing the "evil" of the remnant of their own kindred that resist being conquered subjects and submerged in the pit with the bastards of the earth.

The Anti-Defamation League, the jew enforcement arm of the Israeli Soviet State Mossad operates on the same principal as does the Soviet Secret Police and follows exactly the "protocol's" outline in that one-third of "their subjects" in Aryan States would be their informers. One of the first operating agencies set up by the ADL after its formation in 1913 was the establishment of the "V League." This league is nothing more than "Goy" pimps or White Race Traitors from the amoral scum of our race. These are the agent provocateurs that abound in and around every white racialist movement. Every one who fights for the preservation of his racial nation knows that the "international police" force of jewry formerly was for centuries a covert, secret cabal of jews supported by White Race Traitors. By 1913 enough race traitors had sold their own souls and unsuspecting brethren so that the jew could openly operate his lordship with GOY police power.

It was for this reason that Hitler absolutely forbid any semblance of a secret organization to be connected with NSDAP. He well knew that the most secret political plots would be known to the enemies of the Volk almost from the day of their conception. Also he knew that the class of people who most willingly enter into covert societies are those who live by their wits. (They have no regard for principle, honor or race; "self" is the beginning and end of their every thought.) Therefore, mostly those who have been totally saturated to the very core of their being in the cesspool of jewish thought—proselytes "twofold the child of hell."

Let us never forget the jew, black nor mongrel have never in all our race's history presented a threat to the existance of an Aryan State, nor to the continued life of our people. Cicero noted that without the race traitors in the "halls of government undermining the pillars of (Aryan) government ... and rotting the soul of the nation," these strangers would not be in our midst nor could they ever present a threat as an invading hoard, for other than the rock, club or bow, they have never had weapons nor knowledge that did not first originate from the White Aryan.

As the jew notes in Protocol 18 most "conspirators act out of love for the game ...." The ADL control of the FBI-CIA operations, which outwardly seem to be the defensive forces for the well-being of the people, are, in fact, the offensive arm of the jew. All forced integration of schools, the busing mandates, employment, housing, "integration," in other words all the smashing of Aryan culture in America, was carried out by the physical presence of White Aryan officers working for governmental agencies that build the reality of the world conspiracy of jewry that would forever only remain a filthy dream of the bastard jew were it not for the White Aryan Race Traitors.

Can We Clean Our Own House?

Can anyone doubt the words of Jesus the Christ when he stated that "your enemies will be of your own household"? Your household is forever your race!

It was not jews nor blacks that slaughtered the cream of America's Aryan manhood in the "War Between the States." Nor was it jews that decimated the Aryan peoples of Germany in the Thirty Years War, WW I, or WW II, even in the matter of the "invention" of concentration camps, into which tens of thousands of Aryan women and childrenwere thrust and died horrible deaths from thirst and exposure during the Boar War. Not by blacks nor jews was this "love" manifested!

As Manfred Roeder writes from his prison cell in a German prison built by Germans and staffed by Germans holding prisoner a German who dared to fight for German freedom, "A glance at centuries past suffices to prove that the Germanic urge to attack rabidly one's own kind is nothing new. Some of Felix Dahn's novels depict how the Romans used Germans to fight Germans. (A diamond to cut a diamond, they used to say.) In one of them, a Roman General asks a German warrior under his command why he fights his own countrymen with especial ferocity. For a moment he stares at the General, uncomprehending, then answers: "Because they are my countrymen!" Germans exterminating Germans—what a noble occupation!

"The strange persistence of this Germanic character trait shows that our mission is essentially independent of ordinary "politics." We must change this trait which leads us to self-destruction. In two World Wars, the best troops America employed against us were of German or Germanic origin. Without its Teuton America would have had neither the soldiers nor the weaponry to fight those wars. And without its 30 million citizens of German birth or descent America today would probably collapse, which, of course, would be a pity.

"Twenty-thousand German youngsters engage in a bloody street brawl with German policemen. For what? The reunification of our country? The removal from our soil of the menace of foreign nuclear missiles? Not at all! THEY DEMONSTRATED FOR "HUMAN RIGHTS" IN EL SALVADOR! Apparently, Germans are willing to commit themselves to any cause but their own. I wonder, would 20,000 Salvadorians demonstrate for the reunification of Germany?"

The mystery of Iniquity is the total perversion of mind and spirit which sentences two-thirds of the Aryan race of Adam to willingly and willfully serve for their own destruction.

The refining of the "fine Gold" is the purging of all impurities uniting only those particles that are one in kind, one in love, one in purpose as one people serving one life law of one King!

Adolf Hitler wrote to the effect, it matters not how many organizations say that they fight for a common goal, but what matters is the united will of all to act and fight as one.

Aryan Israel, by your own hand have you fallen! So today? Identity Preacher strains and fights with Identity Preacher over which "gnat" is the most important! National Socialist group furiously fights other National Socialist group over equally trivial tripe; meanwhile those who pride themselves as "intellectuals" write long babbling diatribes against the written evidence of Aryan life law (Bible) vomiting forth in an otherwise excellent Aryan publication (Liberty Bell), unintellectually calling those whose faith is in the life law of God "jew dupes." Yet, these "greats" who say all manner of evil about things of which they are ignorant (scripture) are the vain babblers in whom the jews delight; for how much better could the protocol of the jews be carried out—"It is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the mind of the goyium (nations) the very principle of the God-head and the spirit ...."

Aryan Kindred, do we really in truth want life and Victory? If so, whether by scripture, secular history or just plain common sense, there is one and only one way: that is to be, act and fight as one.

Of course you will have to give up the fun of playing the jews' game of fighting among yourselves over every piece of garbage the jew tosses into your playpen.

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

Hail Victory!

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