• Pastor David J. Miner

Aryan Youth (AYA)

Aryan Youth,

Forever remember this fundamental fact: Your Race is your nation, and your country is the land upon which your nation lives. This land is the territorial imperative for the life of the Nation. So many square miles of dirt do not make a nation but the capacity of the people intellectually, morally, and industrially to use the land upon which they live to benefit their lives and the welfare of the nations people as a whole do make a nation.

When young men are summoned to “defend their country,” it truly means the borders of the land upon which their national household dwells, i.e. to repel invaders who wish to seize land, crops, cattle, homes, women, and to make slaves of men.

History confirms that whenever a People’s will to live is lost; they shall cease to exist-for instance, as the Aryan cultures of Persia, Greece and Rome. “ No two objects can occupy the same place at the same time.” This law of physics applies also to governments, beliefs, and nations (Races).

Since World War II self discipline has eroded to the point of near extinction, aided by the due perversion “if-it-feels-good-do-it“ view of life. Americas moral decline should be obvious to even the most casual promiscuity, homosexuality (sodomy), alcoholism, drug usage, teenage pregnancy, teenage suicide, occultism, child abuse, incest pornography, and divorce. In most cases, this moral decline is aided and abetted by the existing de facto government. Moral debasement always precedes the demise of the nation (Race).

We, who believe that the Aryan Race was begotten for a divine destiny, hold fast to the promise of our Fatther that those who “return“ and keep His life law shall be leaders of the New World dominion by and of our Race. Therefore, we seek those who have the “will”-the determination, the courage and loyalty to preserve in the sacred duty imparted to us by our forefathers. Through deceit, America, along with all white (Aryan) Nations, are fast reaching the depths of hell’s pit of filth, slavery and death! Let us again return to the two witnesses of life: The National Social order of Holy Scripture in the National Social order of the Third-Reich.

The Aryan youth of today hold either the promise of regeneration or the certainty of extinction. With the hope and prayer that perhaps 10% of Aryan Youth still possess the will to live, we struggle to impart knowledge to those who shall be the future leaders of our people.

In view of these things, among many others, we seek to return to the standards of conduct that once made us a great people as servants of our Heavenly Father.

-Pastor Richard G. Butler

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