• Pastor David J. Miner


1. ARYAN NATIONS is a White Racial “THEOPOLITICAL” movement. It is a “GEOPOLITICAL”movement for the re-establishment of White Aryan sovereignty over the lands of Aryan settlement and occupation.

2. ARYAN NATIONS is Racial National in that our Race is our Nation on earth and every White Aryan is a member of this Racial National body regardless of geographical location of birth.

3. ARYAN NATIONS is “RACIAL NATIONALISM” in that each country of our race’s inhabitation is in an essential national member of our racial body on earth.

4. ARYAN NATIONS is “LAWFUL” in that it upholds and proclaims creation’s supreme “LAW OF NATIONS” The Law of Nature’s God.

5. ARYAN NATIONS is “PROGRESSIVE” in that it stands for the restoration of co-ordination of the nation’s members of our racial body for the fulfillment of our Race’s purpose and reason for being on earth.

6. ARYAN NATIONS is “LIBERTY” in that only by the sovereign Aryan will to return to the Creator’s Life Law, may all creation be liberated from its present pain of travail.

7. ARYAN NATIONS is “HOPE” in that the plague of Death now upon our nations may only be removed by restitution of God’s Life Order.

8. ARYAN NATIONS is “CHRISTIANITY” in that by and through our Race, The Creator Supreme, Sovereign Word became flesh, for the healing of the Nations.

...and they shall be one in my hand”. Ezk 37:19

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