• Pastor David J. Miner

Aryan Nations Symbol


Ameri meaning heavenly & rica (Reich meaning kingdom)

"It is in and through symbols, that man consciously or unconsciously, lives, moves and has his being. Those ages, moreover, are accounted the noblest which can best recognize symbolical worth and prize it at the highest"

Heraldry of the Aryan Nations


The word of God, A Racial Symbol

Seven Points of Spiritual Perfection, the Beginning and Ending of 

The Message to a Race.

The Crown:

The Symbol of our Father’s complete and immutable sovereignty over all things, the One and Only God, Whose name is YAHWEH.

The Three Jewels:

Of the Crown symbolize the Divine and complete perfection, the Triune absolute of our Father, the

Everliving God.

The Shield:

A symbol of our Christian faith and trust in His perfect law and covenants He has made to them that

keep the Faith.

The Two-Edged Sword:

A symbol of truth that proceeds forth solely from Him and shall, by His Divine sovereign will, be the

instrument of his vengeance upon all that hate Him.

The Revolving Resurrecton Cross:

Centered on the Sword of Truth, symbolizing the returning to righteousness of our Race, who yet one

day will be placed on the right hand of Christ in Faith of the sure promise of resurrection.

The Cross of Jacob:

Symbolizing the blessings to Israel centers upon the sword of Truth and Resurrection Cross, the three

bars on each of the four corners symbolize the twelve tribes of His racial nation’s inheritance in His Kingdom.

The Square:

Outline symbolizes the Divinely appointed four-square formation and order commanded by Yahweh

of Hosts for the armies of the tribes of Israel in their beginning as His Nation and the symbol of the four-

square city of His New Jerusalem with the-twelve gates for the tribes of Israel, the Aryan Race of God

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