• Pastor David J. Miner


At the Courthouse Square January 14th, 2012: Aryan Nations had a good day today. We had about 30 Aryan Nations members and supporters show up in Jonesboro Louisiana. Plus there were plenty of Jonesboro townspeople on hand to hear the message of the Aryan Nations. Most of them White. Some brought lawn chairs and  coolers.Some of them even came and stood among our ranks. The NAACP, the Mayor and his Jena Six lawyers did not show. They pulled a sneak move and held their little gathering at an un-advertised location. We did not know this video had aired the night before the protest since none of us live in the viewing area of Monroe or Jonesboro television stations. The NAACP still represented that they were going to be at the courthouse in a previously recorded video press release and they never recanted that. We fully expected to go to Jonesboro and confront the mayor, the NAACP and the Jena Six lawyers about the smokescreen through the cries of racism when there is nearly $400,000 of tax payer money missing as a result of the Mayor's mishandling of taxpayer funds. So again Aryan Nations held another extremely successful event. I would like to personally thank all of the members and supporters that traveled so far and made the sacrifices that it takes to stand up against the enemies of our race. We had people travel from Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee and Missouri. News cameras were there and I did a brief on camera interview with KNOE news out of Monroe of which you can see parts of below. Aryan Nations members were dressed sharp in clean crisp Aryan Nations uniforms and were well behaved. None of the usual negative stereo-typical hoopla you see at public rallies from some White Nationalist groups. I am proud of the men and women we have among our ranks and I am certain that Pastor Butler and Pastor Redfeairn would be very proud of the work we are doing to revive the good name of Aryan Nations and carry on this so very important work that we have been appointed to do. Hail the Victory of Christ our King!

**NOTE: The videos for this post are not available at this time. If you can help us obtain them, we will post them!

Now check out the spin of the Jewish controlled media. They claim the sherrif ended the Aryan Nations protest when a racial slur was used, which there was and it was used by me. The word 'nigger' was used once and only once and only by me. None of the other two speakers Pator Allen Truitt or Pastor Eli James used any racial epithets at all in the entire hour and a half the three of us took turns speaking. There was only one incident of a racial slur. Also I should note that I had spoken a second time since using the forbidden "N" word before we ended our protest which had lasted for the agreed upon time, an hour and a half. We had no permit which was denied to us by the town council . But Aryan Nations are well aware of our first ammendment rights and we mounted the courthouse steps used a megaphone, all with the blessing of the Sheriff and the Chief of Police. Aryan Nations conducted a peaceful professional event. But the media just has to label us a hate group. The police gave us an escort out of town simply to see to it that none of their home grown terrorist negros threw any bricks through our windshields or any other such nonsense they are famous for. I commend the Sheriff's Office and the Jonesboro Police Department for their courtesy and professional decorum. We may just have to return to Jonesboro for a follow-up visit.

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett - Aryan Nations Forever - Forever Aryan Nations!

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