• Pastor David J. Miner


Greetings Kindred,

Well it's been nearly five and a half years since I have had the pleasure to address you all from my home office. While I missed my freedom, my home and my office very much, it was not so dearly missed as my beloved kindred. The greatest regret that I had through-out all of this is, that it left my dear sweet mother at home alone to tend to way more than she should have been left alone with by me. And for that I am deeply regretful. But the love and forgiveness that she has for her son is un-ending. Just as the love and forgiveness that our Heavenly Father has for all of His sons and daughters is un-ending. Praise ye Him!

Furthermore, just as I let my mother down, I also let you my beloved kindred down. And for that I am also deeply regretful. Fortunately; there are men and women who know and understand the true meaning of Brotherhood. Which includes, not judgment, but understanding, compassion and forgiveness, without it ever being asked for. Even though, I've done many things in my life that I've sought forgiveness for, real kinsmen never seem to require that.

These noble and rare, men and women were key and instrumental in helping me to hold together the organizational structure of the Church of the Sons of YHVH and it's political arm, Legion of Saints. It was a very difficult thing to achieve from behind a prison wall, but with the help of these few giant men and women, the church is intact and stable. And for that I owe a debt that I'll spend the rest of my days working to repay. Not that they ask anything in return for themselves. Only that I would continue to preach, teach and to carry the Kingdom Identity message that is our God ordained mission and Holy calling. And that I will proudly do. Just as I proudly went to prison for a cause that I felt in my heart was just. Even though I went broken hearted and betrayed, I went nevertheless, with pride an honor.

Now I have the honor of serving in an even greater capacity and this I also do with pride. What I am talking about is not only serving as the Senior Pastor of the Church of the Sons of YHVH-Legion of Saints, but also the key figurehead and World Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations.

It makes me very proud to have been asked to serve our Father, God and His Holy Race in this capacity. And with the men who asked me to fill this key position, I do it proudly because I know their hearts and they are true. I've served with these men before for many years and with the same like hand of Brotherhood they extend to me, I extend mine to embrace them and our cause. Iron sharpens iron kinsmen.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Pastor Richard Butler and Pastor Ray Redfeairn would endorse this union of hearts and souls with all of their approval. And I knew them both well. I am most likely, the only man alive, who has an ordination certificate from the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations which bears the signatures of both of these men. And it was Pastor Redfeairn and myself who founded the Church of the Sons of YHVH. He and I were joined at the hip for many years. In all the years of my tenure with Aryan Nations these were the only two men that I ever took orders from. They were worthy of my loyalty and I only hope I can be as worthy of yours as they were of mine.

I look forward to meeting, working with and fellowshipping with as many as will grasp my extended Aryan hand. Now let us be busy about our Fathers work. Easy does it, just stay the course. The labors are many but the workers are few.

Hail the Victory of Christ our King!

I remain very respectfully yours,

-Pastor Morris L Gulett

Without Honor there can be no Loyalty, Without truth there can be no Honor, Without a Cause there can be no Duty, Without Responsibility there can be no Leadership, Without Spiritual Understanding there can be no Responsibility...

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