• Pastor David J. Miner

A Letter to Aryan Nations

Gentlemen. 3/24/2004

I am writing you this letter, out of duty to the struggle.

Most people who know me, or know of me, are aware that I was a member of Aryan Nations for about a decade. I was always Pastor Redfeairn's coadjutant. He and I started out together in Ohio in 1993. Pastor Redfeairn and I lived only a few blocks from one another and attended the same high school as teenagers. He died last year at the age of 52. I am soon to be 49 years of age. Pastor Redfeairn and I built the Aryan Nations of Ohio into a force to be reckoned with. The Jews and the federal government recognized that and sent an Aryan Nations infiltrator, Vince Reed, among us, to see to it that we were stopped. We had our own headquarters, and church building in New Vienna Ohio by 1996. We had a telephone hotline, physical training facilities, sleeping quarters, live in staff, a large kitchen and even larger dining area. We held Sunday services every week and feed the entire congregation (always at least 50 folks) every Sunday after services. We had one hour television broadcasts weekly in Dayton Ohio on Public Access Television. And before the feds were successful in shutting us down we were on the edge of expanding those broadcasts to Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio. We sponsored rallies, speakers meetings, a food pantry for the needy and visited the elderly, shut-ins and the sick. All of this was paid for and sponsored by Aryan Nations of Ohio. But that is just a bit of history. I would now like to jump forward to the present.

As of now Aryan Nations National Headquarters is located in a house in Hayden Idaho that is not owned by Aryan Nations. This house was purchased by Vincent Bertolini of the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger. But there is a house note to pay. I am sure all of you know that Aryan Nations lost its assets in a lawsuit to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Pastor Butler pays the house note out of Aryan Nations donations and membership fees. No one minds this so much because, after all that Pastor Butler has done he deserves a comfortable place to spend his final days. Pastor Butler is now 85 years old and sadly his time is short on this earth. He will someday go to be with the Father. He will be missed by many I am sure. The house will either go back to Mr. Beretolini, or to the Jew bankers, along with all of the equity that Aryan Nations has invested. When Pastor Butler is no longer with us on this earth, sadly the only thing that Aryan Nations will consist of is a website and a handful of members. Some good, some not so good and some just simply, federal infiltrators. Lets talk about that for a moment.

As you all are aware, there has been some embarrassing situations for Pastor Butler and Aryan Nations as of late. One incident with a porn star and another concerning some members applications that appeared on a Communist website. Lets address the situation with the applications.

Aryan Nations has in place a Chief of Security, Rick Spring. That Chief of Security has a wife Shae Spring who back near the first of December moved in the house with Pastor Butler that Aryan Nations is headquartered out of. This Security Chief Rick Spring, has only been associated with the movement for approximately three years. This Security Chief of yours, came out of nowhere, he was recruited to the struggle by no one. He just miraculously appeared on the scene. Our records indicate that Rick Spring first tried to gain entry to the International Keystone Knights on 2-13-1999 and was turned down for drug use and/or sales as well as lying to the Imperial Council. He then went to the Imperial Klan's of America lead by Ron Edwards. Ron and his men caught this then potential I.K.A. member at an I.K.A. function on I.K.A. property with a miniature recording device on his person. He was denied membership for being of suspect character. He then attempted entry to Aryan Nations of Pennsylvania and after an interview and background check he was denied entry there also. Rick Spring then went to Pastor Butler. Pastor Butler accepted him and instantly positioned him as Chief of Security. Rick Spring told several of us, myself included, that he spent 18 years in Federal Prison for bank robbery. A background check reveals Rick Spring to be a liar. Federal Prison Records indicate that all total Rick Spring, did about 6.5 yrs. He did go down for a bank robbery, but it most likely was not an armed robbery, but most likely a snatch and grab, because, according to Federal Prison Records he is not violent. However; if it was an armed robbery as he said, then how did he only receive a seven year sentence ? No one knows because Rick Spring refuses to give an account for himself. Pastor Butler's lack of concern for the safety and security of Aryan Nations and it's members is in my opinion, incomprehensible. Rick Spring also did his time in a low/minimum security camp in Bastrop Texas where he was not affiliated with any inner-prison White oriented organizations, and Rick Spring was not interested in Christian Identity then and neither is he now. In fact, my sources reveal that he spent nearly all of his time in the music room playing guitar and singing. His original sentence was 2572 days, which is about seven years, a far cry from 18 yrs. Armed bank robbers get a minimum of 15 years if no one is hurt. Your security chief went to prison in 1983, paroled Sept 28th 1987, went back in on a parole violation July 27, 1989, and was paroled again in February of 1991, violated parole again and returned to prison October of 1993 paroled 6 months later in April of 1994, violated again in December of 1995, was paroled again in February 1996 and that is where the trail ends as far as prison time goes. So maybe he's been out since 1996, but he shows up to this struggle about three years ago. Did he violate parole again, (since that seems to be a habit with him) and this time possibly cut a deal and wound up on some law enforcement agencies payroll rather than do more time ? Just what does a guy who robs a bank have to do to get a seven year sentence in the first place ? It is unheard of. And furthermore, Rick Spring is paroled four times during the six and a half years that he did serve ! How does that happen ? Most parolees when they violate go back and serve even more time than their original sentence. But not Rick Spring ! He violated parole three times and still didn't have to serve his entire seven year term.

Nevertheless; soon after these series of events with Rick Spring, Pastor Redfeairn and I were tired of being subjected to the lack security that plagues Aryan Nations and we branched out and formed the Church of the Sons of YHVH. Pastor Butler shortly contacted Pastor Redfeairn and asked him and I to come back on board, Pastor Redfeairn as National Director and I as always, his coadjutant. Reluctantly we did. But we still maintained the Church of the Sons of YHVH, while also maintaining membership and loyalty to Pastor Butler and Aryan Nations. Some of you may remember this photo taken at the SPLC Rally in January of 2003. Pastor Redfeairn to the left, Pastor Butler in the center and I am positioned to the right of Pastor Butler. During that short period of time, we were made aware, by Aryan Nations Chief of Staff, Rick Mon Barron, that the Chief of Security Rick Spring had made several attempts at gaining access to the membership list. Rick Spring claimed that he needed it to do background checks in order to weed out infiltrators and for safekeeping. When Pastor Redfeairn and I were made aware of this, we were, to say the least, alarmed. Membership lists and applications should always remain under lock and key and no new personnel, especially one with questionable motives and background such as Rick Spring, should ever have access to such sensitive information. It's hard to trust a guy that can't or won't account for 12 years of his life Especially when he has worked so hard to get into an organization and when he finally does all he can think about is gaining possession of the membership list. Pastor Redfeairn, with the help of Rick Mon Barron at Headquarters, blocked these attempts to gain access to the members list, by your present, security chief. Now; many of you may not be aware of those series of events. However; what I am about to address, many of the state leaders who were state leaders towards the end of the year 2002 may very well remember. The events occurred as such. The Security Chief's wife, Shae, then after her husbands repeated attempts to gain control of the membership list, all failed, decided that she was to be World Secretary and was going to move to Idaho to "take care" of Pastor Butler. Shae took it upon herself to announce this to the state leaders from an email address in Arkansas where she and her husband lived. And when Shae Spring announced this move and self appointed position, she requested all of the state leaders to send her their list of members with names, addresses and telephone numbers. Shae did not send this announcement to Pastor Butler, Shae did not send this announcement to Pastor Redfeairn, Shae did not send this announcement to me and I was listed as the State Leader for Louisiana at the time, but do not forget, I was also Pastor Redfeairn's coadjutant. Now; what she did not bank on was, one of the other state leaders, who was on the ball, forwarded this announcement to Pastor Redfeairn. Pastor Redfeairn pulled the plug on that charade, quick,  fast and in a hurry. Can anyone imagine what Shae's motives were ? Well lets take a look at the next turn of events.

Rick Spring and his wife Shae, finally got their wish. Shae Spring did move in with Pastor Butler. She moved in on 12-8-2003. Look at the date the applications were faxed, it is 12-17-2003. Rick and Shae Spring finally had access to the membership list and applications, and once they did, it only took nine days for them to be faxed to the Communist's at the One Peoples Project. And now that Shae Spring has "taken care" of Pastor Butler she has moved out. Need I say more ? Remember this rule of thumb. If it walks like a duck, it just might be a duck. End of Story. 

-Pastor Morris L. Gulett

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