• Pastor David J. Miner

White “Kosher Dog Golems”

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The ADL-JDL-FBI-BATF-IRS hydra of Jew power is engaged in an on-going covert operation against any organization that fights White slavery and preaches Christ’s White Victory. Aryan Nations has been their prime target for several years. All covert and overt attempts (IRS, FBI, ADL) to obtain confidential files and mailing list of Aryan Nations has been repulsed. Full 24-hour security has been maintained since the bombing of the church. Note: while the church facilities were bombed, the bomber’s attempt to break into the offices (located in separate buildings) failed.

The Fed-Jew organizations have “officially” adopted the “legal” offensive operation-that is civil lawsuits. Every active Klan-National Socialist organization is a target. For example, the Texas Klan and Grand Dragon Louis Beam, U.S. citizens, were civilly sued by the Jew Morris Dees’ “Southern poverty Law Center” on behalf of alien Vietnamese and Vietcong “constitutional rights.” Civil actions against the Klan are Jewsmedia meat and acceptable as “righteous” defense of “minorities.” One of the objects was the obtaining of Klan membership names. It failed. None except public officers were ever revealed.

Civilly suing a Christian Church for “white racism” to obtain memberships-supporter names by a Jew civil rights front poses some difficulties for the media, as well as bringing out the White public the covert operations of the Fed-Jew design.

In the Northwest a curious collection of strange bedfellows, even for this Sodomite age, have recently come together from various parts of the country. These include an ex-“minority” activist judge, an ex?-FBI agent, recently born again as a crusading philanthropic lawyer, and a couple of “straight” law firm‘s are collaborating to help a self proclaimed, poor “White racist,” who’s object is to sue this church for alleged liable.

Now, what do you know? The whole action boils down to the demand that the Church-Aryan Nations membership supporter-rolls be turned over to them. This is the same “White racist” that filed a complaint with the post authorities to have Aryan Nations stopped from using a non-profit mailing permit. He lost that one. But it is an active little Mongrelization group, forging Aryan Nations’ letterheads and inserting Jew Perversion for content and mailing to the counties leading citizens, etc. Sending scores of forged orders to mail order House is making obscene phone calls in Aryan Nations name. Rest assured, this little kosher operation shall never get what they are after, but they shall receive full Aryan love and justice. Should you fail to hear from Aryan Nations regularly, contact us. There may be a good reason. -RGB

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