• Pastor David J. Miner

Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve

2000 years ago Pilate said, “who shall I release unto you Jesus or Barabbas?” The name Barabbas means Bar-son, Rabas-Rabbi. Barabbas was the son of a Jewish Rabbi. Barabbas was a murderer, robber and revolutionary.

Today the same choice faces our people. Few people know that today the system of government we live under is Jewish. While the leaders of Britain and America claim to be conservative, they are, in fact, Socialist.

This is what the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1905 edition says, “two of the early Jewish converts, Karl Marx and Ferdinand Lasselle, were to become commanding figures in the history of Socialism. One was the father of scientific Socialism (Communism), the other, the founder of the German Socialist Party.” Marx, the son of a Jewish lawyer of Treves, numbered among his ancestors many famous Rabbis. The chapter of the theory of value in his principal work Das Capital suggests by it’s subtle analysis an inherited Talmudic bent.” The system under which we live, called “Democracy” is no better than Communism or Socialism. This is what the Jew Dr. Oscar Levy wrote in the book, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution.” The Jews are the spiritual father’s of Democracy and, therefore, Plutocracy... Jewish elements provide the driving forces for both Communism and Capitalism.”

Today we need to return to the leader ship Principle. Let’s never forget that the Jews are right when they call our people “sheep,” because it’s true. You have only to look at how they are manipulated to always what the Satanic Jews plan. Not only do we need Christian patriot leaders to follow men like Pastor Richard Butler, Pastor Dan GAYMAN and Pastor Bob Miles, but we also need to be leaders. The Bible says, “ye are the light of the world. A City set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candle stick; and it giveth light on to all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.“ (Mathew 5:14-16) Today, the mass of people are looking for the leader ship only you can provide.

Democracy leads to Socialism, and Socialism leads to Communism, just as sure as night follows day. Democracy is in fact mob rule. The people vote for whomever offers the most. But have you ever known any politician to keep his word?

How can we choose to follow Jesus under a system that is following the modern Barabbas? The answer, we cannot. The Bible clearly says, “come out from among them and be separate.“ Clearly the system of government under which we live is the system of anti-Christ. We need to build our own social order now, among our own people. We must build God‘s kingdom. We must trade only with White-Christians. Never trade with Jews. We must build our own schools and colleges. We live in hostile lands-we must build our own safe communities. Whom will you choose to follow-the Lord Jesus Christ or Barabbas? TERRA-TERRA! ARYAN IMPERATIVE!

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