Aryan Nations Membership

Before making membership inquiries please read the following:


1. Persons who have left any organization we hold good relations with in bad standing may not prospect for Aryan Nations


2. Persons who have been in 2 or more organizations in the last 10 years are not eligible to prospect except in extraordinary circumstances. 


3. Aryan Nations has a 2 year minimum prospective membership period, non-negotiable. 


4. Aryan Nations does not recruit. If you are interested in joining our brotherhood you must approach us with your interest, we will never ask a person to join. 


5. Aryan Nations membership is often thankless and demanding. Please not make inquiries unless you have the available time and resources to commit to the organization. 


6. Aryan Nations does not tolerate negativity or "defeatism". We will not allow negativity, paranoia or defeatist attitudes to destroy the morale of our organization. 


7. Aryan Nations will not tolerate any person advocating any illegal acts or criminal conduct. If you are seeking or advocating violence or illegal activity we suggest you do such activity on your own. Agent Provocateurs need not apply. 


8. Aryan Nations has a tradition and reputation for generosity, hospitality and selfless service. This is a tradition we are determined to uphold. 


9. If you have not completely studied our organization please don't apply for membership. Feel free to ask questions prior to applying, not after. 


10. Aryan Nations prides itself on its extremely low membership turnover, we are not looking for members who will flee at the first difficulty or the first inconvenience. Aryan Nations membership should be considered a life-long decision. Please weigh this decision carefully before inquiring.


There are several levels of Aryan Nations Membership:


1. Prospective Member    2. Full Member  3. A.N. Officer (City, State, Divisional or National Representitive)


"Prospective Member" This is the first step to full membership in the organization. Prospective Members are allowed to wear the Aryan Nations Prospect patch and attend meetings but are NOT allowed to vote in organizational business. Persons outside Aryan Nations usual area of operations are REQUIRED to maintain a contact PO BOX and email, if they own a computer and maintain weekly contact with their sponsor. All Prospects and Members are required to attend the yearly A.N. Gatherings. Prospective Membership lasts for a minimum period of two years. Associate Members are expected to conduct themselves in a fashion which demonstrates dignity, loyalty and class at all times. Potential Prospective Members must obtain a sponsor who is a Full Member to be allowed to prospect. Prospective Membership is very strict and Prospects are expected to be extremely active. Aryan Nations Prospects may NOT speak on behalf of the organization or act on behalf of the organization without approval. Do not inquire for membership  unless you are 100% certain that Aryan Nations Membership is your desire and you a very familiar with Aryan Nations ideals and requirements. To inquire about  Prospective Membership email the nearest Aryan Nations Divisional or National Contact in the Contacts section of this website.



"Full Member" This is a full voting member of the organization who helps set A.N. policies and approve changes to the Aryan Nations Constitution as well as votes on new Prospective Members. No one can simply become a full member of A.N., it is a status which requires hard work, unswerving loyalty and commitment and is an honor which will mold you for the rest of your life.



Some Additional Requirements For Membership:


1. Be at least 18 years of age to Prospect and 21 to become a Full Member. 


2. Must have a GED or High School Diploma or be attending classes to obtain it. 


3. Be of wholly European (White) ancestry including; Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, Mediterranean, Celtic or Germanic background. 


4. Satanists, Wiccans, Anti-Christians, Pagans, Heathen religious belief systems are not allowed. The Aryan Nations is a Christian Identity Organization.  


5. Have never committed a crime against the White Working Class or any sex offense. 


6. Must not use illegal drugs or controlled substances. 


7. Must be gainfully employed or attending school. If unemployed must be ACTIVELY seeking work. 


8. Must be clean in appearance and honorable in conduct. 


9. Must be willing to accept responsibility for duties assigned to you by A.N. officers or representatives. 


10. Alcoholics, drug addicts, persons of poor moral character (including: movement outcasts, profiteers, whores, thieves, gossipers, sexual deviants and ego-maniacs) need not apply, for you will be found and weeded out immediately.

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