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To Our Kinsmen:

Thank You For Contacting Us And For Your Interest In The Church Of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations. You Are One Of The Millions Of Our Racial Family On Earth. It Was Not By Accident That You Today Are A Member Of This Family, But By Deliberate Choice And Will Of Each Of Your Ancestors Through Hundreds Of Generations Over Thousands Of Years That You Today Bear Their Life Blood And Inner Spirit To Carry Out The Destiny Ordained To Our Race.

The Major Families Of Our Race Are Called “Nations,” i.e. Ethnic Divisions Of Our Single Great Family Known As The White Or Aryan Race On Earth. Thus, By Birth You Are A Member Of One Of The Aryan Nations. Each Of Us Who Live Today Face The Momentous Decision Of Whether We Shall Honour The Blood Of Our Fathers Or By Default Give Our Assent To The Passing From Time’s History The Only Light Penetrating The Black Veil Of Darkness Covering This Planet.

Though We Are Of One Racial Family, We Have Been Divided One Against Another; Thus Our Household Has Fallen. While The Black Yellow,  Brown And Jew Races Each Have National States For Their Racial Nations (A Government Of, By And for Their Race) - All Of The National States For The White Race Have Fallen To The Alien.

Aliens Are Pouring Over As A Flood Into Each Of Our Ancestral Lands, Threatening Dispossession Of The Heritage, Culture, And Very Life Blood Of Posterity. The Best Establishment Fact Of History Gives Us The Irrefutable Evidence That The Power, Prosperity, And Mental Energy Of Our Race Sprang From And Lived By The Energizing Principle That Is It’s Religion Or Faith. When This Energizing Principle Becomes Adulterated Or Ignored, The Intellect, Power, Vigor, And Prosperity Of Our Race Dies Away In Proportion, So That We Would Perish Both Mentally And Physically.

As At All Times In Our History, When Threatened To The Point Of No Return, Elect Men And Women Of Our People Have Always Risen To The Call Of Life. Today, The Times Of Our Nations Are Fulfilled, And, Regardless Of Land Of Birth, Men And Women Are Again Uniting By The Common Unity Of Their Blood, And By Their United Will And Faith Are Returning To Their Life Law, With Determination To Remove Themselves From The Swine pens Dominated By The Alien Which They Now Serve.

For Those Who Can Become Active Workers, We Urge You To Join Today By Applying For Your Membership. We Know That As We Return To Our Father’s Natural Life Order All Power, Prosperity, And Liberty Again Comes To Us As Our Possession To Establish Justice Forever On Earth.



1. The RECOGNITION That There Exist No Place On Earth, In Any Branch Of The Adamic Race, A State Of Our Racial Nation.

2. The RECOGNITION That An Aryan National State Is An Institution That Has A Single Duty To Itself And The People Of The Racial Nation; The Preservation Of Our Race, Culture And People Of The Nation.

3. The RECOGNITION That There Exist A Law Order That Governs The Life Of Men And Nations Of Men, In That Obedience To This Life’s Law Is Life, Disobedience Is Death.

4. The RECOGNITION Of The Fact That The Creative “Life Spirit” Of The Adamic Aryan Can Only Exist Through Purity Of The Blood Of Race In Their Generations.

5. The RECOGNITION Is Made Of The Fact That No Compromise Or Adulteration Of This Basic Organic Life Law Principle Can Be Made Without Violating All Law.

6. That RECOGNITION Is Made Of The Fact That The Only Hope For Redemption Of The Aryan Racial Household Is The Total Return To The Fundamental Life Law.

7. That RECOGNITION Is Made That Life Law Is Inseparable From The Political Government Under Which The Aryan Racial Family Lives.

8. That RECOGNITION Be Made That Only By The Single United Will If The People Of Racial Nation Can There Exist A State Of Government For The Nation.

9. The RECOGNITION Be Made Of the Fact That The People Of The Nation Create The State, And That The State Does Not Create The People.

10. That RECOGNITION Is Made Of The Fact That A Nation Begins And Ends As A Race, And Everything Else Is Predicted Upon This Fact.

11. That RECOGNITION Be Made That There Is , And Can Be, , No Separation Of The “Spiritual” Worship State, And the Political State.

12. That RECOGNITION Be Made That We Have But One Hope As A Racial Nation And That Is The Life Law Of Our FATHER AND GOD, YAHWEH, OUR YAHSHUA, JESUS CHRIST.


(World View) The Philosophy Of Aryan Nationalism: Irrefutable Facts Of Scripture, History, And Science.

NATION Is A Racial, Cultural And Spiritual Cohesion Of People.

RACE Is The Blood And Soul Of Our Nation. The Individual Is Part Of The Nation, With A Share In It’s Purpose. The Individual Does Not Live For Himself, But For His Nation, And Posterity; For They Are Constant While The Individual Is Transient. Individuals Are Shackled By The Constant Struggle To Survive, And Only A Nation Of People Who Accept The Struggle Will Survive: Only A Nation Can Be Free. Men Are The Mind And Seed Of The Nation. Women Are The Heart And Earth Of Our Nation. The Elderly Are The Historical Treasures And Wisdom Of The Nation.

FAMILY Is The Foundation Of Our Nation; From It The Structure Of The Nation Is Derived, Without It The Nation Ceases To Exist.

CHILDREN Are The Immortality Of The Nation And It’s Most Precious Gifts. Children Are The Reason And Purpose Of The Nation; Their Rights Are Absolute. All Exist For The Child's Well Being.

NATURE Is Unwritten Law Of The Nation: Kind Unto Kind.

SOCIAL JUSTICE, The Structure Of Aryan Government, Is Derived From The Law Word Of Our EVERLIVING FATHER AND GOD.


1. ARYAN NATIONS Is A White Racial “THEOPOLITICAL” MOVEMENT. It Is A “GEOPOLITICAL” MOVEMENT For The Re-Establishment Of White Aryan Sovereignty Over The Lands Of Aryan Settlement And Occupation.

2. ARYAN NATIONS Is Racial, National, In That Our Race Is Our Nation On Earth And Every White Aryan Is A Member Of This Racial National Body Regardless Of Geographical Location Of Birth.

3. ARYAN NATIONS Is “RACIAL” NATIONALISM, In That Each Country Of Our Race’s In-habitation Is An Essential National Member Of Our Racial Body On Earth.

4. ARYAN NATIONS Is “LAWFUL,” In That It Upholds And Proclaims Creation’s Supreme “LAW OF NATIONS,” The Law Of Nature’s GOD Embodied In The Ten Commandments.

5. ARYAN NATIONS Is “PROGRESSIVE,” In That It Stands For The Restoration Of Co-Ordination Of The Nation’s Members Of Our Racial Body For The Fulfillment Of Our Race’s Purpose And Reason For Being On Earth.

6. ARYAN NATIONS Is “LIBERTY,” In That Only By The Sovereign Aryan Will To Return To The Creator’s Life Law May All Creation Be Liberated From It’s Personal Pain Of Travail.

7. ARYAN NATIONS Is “HOPE,” In That The Plague Of Death Now Upon Our Nations May Only Be Removed By Restitution Of GOD’s Life Order.

8. ARYAN NATIONS Is “CHRISTIANITY,” In That By And Through Our Race, The Creator YAHWEH’s Supreme Sovereign Word YAHSHUA  Jesus The Christ Became Flesh For The Healing Of Our Nations.


That For Which We Fight Is To Safeguard The Existence And Reproduction Of Our Race, By And Of our Nations, The Sustenance Of Our Children And The Purity Of Our Blood, The Freedom And Independence Of The People Of Our Race, So That We, Kindred People, May Mature For Fulfillment Of The Mission Allotted To Us By The Creator Of The Universe, Our FATHER And GOD. Hail His Victory!


WE BELIEVE In The Preservation Of Our Race, Individually And Collectively, As A People As Demanded And Directed By YAHWEH. We Believe Our Racial Nation Has A Right And Is Under Obligation To Preserve Itself And Its Members.


WE BELIEVE That Adam, Man Of Genesis, Is The Placing Of The White Race Upon This Earth. Not All Races Descend From Adam. Adam Is The Father Of The White Race Only. (Adam In The Original Hebrew Is Translated: "To Show Blood In The Face; Turn Rosy.") Genesis 5:1


WE BELIEVE That The True, Literal Children Of The Bible Are The Twelve Tribes Of Israel, Now Scattered Throughout The World And Now Known As The Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Teutonic, Scandinavian, Celtic Peoples Of The Earth. We Know That The Bible Is Written To The Family Of Abraham, Descending From Shem Back to Adam. Yahweh Blessed Abraham And Promised That He Would Be The "Father Of Nations." This Same Promise Continued Through The Seed-line Of Abraham's Son Isaac, And Again To Isaac's Son Jacob, The Patriarch Of The Twelve Tribes, Whose Name Yahweh Changed To Israel (Meaning: "He Will Rule As GOD"). Genesis 32:28; Exodus 12:31; 16:4; 19:20; Revelations 21:12


WE BELIEVE That There Are Literal Children Of Satan In The World Today. These Children Are The Descendants Of Cain, Who Was A Result Of Eve's Original Sin, Her Physical Seduction By Satan. We Know That Because Of This Sin There Is A Battle And A Natural Enmity Between The Children Of Satan And The Children Of The Most High God (Yahweh). Genesis 3:15; 1 John 3:12


WE BELIEVE That The Cananite Jew Is The Natural Enemy Of Our Aryan (White) Race. This Is Attested By Scripture And All Secular History. The Jew Is Like A Destroying Virus That Attacks Our Racial Body To Destroy Our Aryan Culture And The Purity Of Our Race. Those Of Our Race Who Resist These Attacks Are Called "Chosen And Faithful." John 8:44; 1 Thessalonians 2:15; Revelations 17:14


WE BELIEVE That There Is A Battle Being Fought This Day Between The Children Of Darkness (Today Known As Jews) And The Children Of Light (Yahweh, The Ever Living GOD), The Aryan Race, The True Israel Of The Bible. Revelations 12:10-11


WE BELIEVE In The Gam-ma'di'on (Ga'ma'di-on), N.; Pl. -DIA (-a). [MGr., dim. of gamma.] A Cross Formed Of Four Capital Gammas (I'), Esp. In The Figure Of A Swastika. Gamma Among Early Christians Symbolized Christ As A Cornerstone Of The Church. NOAH’S WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY.


WE BELIEVE That The Present World Problems Are A Result Of Our Disobedience To Divine Law.


WE BELIEVE That There Is A Day Of Reckoning. The Usurper Will Be Thrown Out By The Terrible Might Of YAHWEH’S People, As They Return To Their Roots And Their Special Destiny. We Know There Is Soon To Be A Day Of Judgment And A Day When Christ's Kingdom (Government) Will Be Established On Earth, As It Is In Heaven. "And In The Days Of These Kings Shall The God Of Heaven set Up A Kingdom Which Shall Never Be Destroyed; And The Kingdom Shall Not Be Left To Other People, But It Shall Break In Pieces And Consume All These Kingdoms And It Shall Stand Forever. The Saints Of The Most High, Whose Kingdom Is An Everlasting Kingdom, And All Dominions Shall Serve And Obey Him." Daniel 2:44; 7:18; 7:27



-Pastor David J. Miner

ADDRESS: 7129 W. Coolidge St.

Arizona. USA. -85033-

EMAIL: aryan_nations_reborn@yahoo.com

PHONE: (623) 826-8784

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For all Inquiries about Service with Us, Please Email: aryan_nations_reborn@yahoo.com

Symbolic Heraldry Of A Race

This standard of your Aryan Nations carries within it the word and promises of our Father and GOD, to we, His servant Race. It is the symbolic, pictorial presentation of the scriptural messages imparted through Divinely appointed prophets of our peculiar people, the Aryan Race, consisting of seven parts , the number or hallmark of our Everliving Father’s work, the spiritual perfection by He, Who is Author and Giver of Life.

We, who wear this visual representation of the word of Truth, the Covenants made and declared unto our Father’s, testifies of our fidelity to our Race and Faith and declare our allegiance in fulfilling our appointed destiny, as servants for His righteous Kingdom on earth.

Aryans, A Race Of GOD’s

“Who are the Isra-el-ites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of law, and the service of GOD, and the promise; JESUS answered them. Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are GOD’s? And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the Nations of earth be blessed; and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are the sons of living GOD. And we know that the son of GOD is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his son JESUS CHRIST. This is the True GOD, and eternal life. And JESUS said unto them, Verily I say unto you, that ye which have folowed me, in the regeneration when the seed of Adam shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

I have said, ye are GOD’s; and all of you are children of the Most High. And so, Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. For thou art an Holy people unto YAHWEH thy GOD: YAHWEH thy GOD hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.”

Rom 9:4; John 10:34; Genesis 26:4; Hosea 1:10; I John 5:20; Matt 19:28; Ps 82:6, Deut 7:6

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